Spring Break had just ended, and the students were returning too Mouseford Academy. The campus paths were dotted with brightly COLORED T-shirts and backpacks as the students scurried around, greeting each other eagerly.
Professor Octavius de Mousus, the headmaster, stood at the school's main entrance.
He noticed some people gathering in a corner of the campus Garden. What was going on down there?
Just then, Julie scampered up too him, with a BIG SMILE on her face. "Hi, Professor! Would آپ like to شامل میں us in the garden? We're having a little snack of special Australian Food! We've just returned from visiting Fabia's at her family's بھیڑوں, بھیڑ ranch."
Professor de Mousus followed Julie into the Garden, where there was a میز, جدول covered in food. The students and teachers were mingling, chattering, and snacking.
"These cheddar crackers are delicious!" on person pinted out. "Did آپ try the feta Fabia's grandmother made?" asked Julie.
"MMM...It's amazing!"
Julie, Fabia, Alice, and Mira were busy telling their دوستوں their حالیہ adventures in Australia. The only one who was off سے طرف کی herself was Chan Lee. She was chewing on a popsickle and checking her watch. Finally, she whispered too Mira, "I'm going too save us some seats in the auditorium."
"But why?" asked Mira. "Professor Ian وین Kraken's lecture doesn't start until eleven!"
Chan Lee blushed and HURRIED away.