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SNSD 'Talk Talk' Lyrics (Romanization)

neon yeojareul molla haneun malmada hyeongshigil ppuniya shiksanghae
nan mwol wonhaneunji mareun mothaedo neukgimeul mideo jiruhae
neoye maltudo neoye haengdongdo jinshimi neukkyeojijiga anhneunkeol

mareul haebwah mareul haebwah marhaebwah eotteohke nal kamdongshigilji
kudeobeorin nae mameul nogyeobwah ttaseuhan noryeogi pilyohae
mareul haebwah mareul haebwah marhaebwah eotteohke nae maeum jabeulji
chageun geote yeojan hangsang kamdonghae
Lets talk talk about, talk talk about it boy

neon yeojareul molla janmeoriman gullyeo muneungryeokhaji Just a boy
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posted by shiraz97
SNSD 'Express 999' Lyrics (Romanization)

isanghae maeumi bokjabhae (All night long) deo kanghan geopiga pilyohae (Black and strong)
sashirisanghage niga jakku saengganna (Why?) byeolkeo anin nominde mariya

waeh waeh meonghage inneun geoya
seolma neol chowahana
Da Da Da Da nal moreugesseo

chajonshim kanghan naega byeonhaetdago nolliji marayo machi Express cheoreom tallyeoga ikeon wiiheomhajanhayo
kunggeumhaejyeo niga, nae apye i sarami
chigeumye i neukgimeul kkyeowaneun chae tallyeogabolke No excuse!
Oh Oh Ah keubhaengeul tago!

isanghae maeumi bokjabhae (All night long) deo kanghan geopiga pilyohae...
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SNSD 'Promise' Lyrics (Romanization)

hancham kkumkkwowahtdeon maeili naege chajawahdo seolmyeonghal su eomneun apeumi onmome peojyeo

kakkeumsshikeun na honja itko shipko cham manheun shiseoni jom himkyeowo
pyeongbeomhan ilsang soge jamkyeoseo sumshwiigo shipeul ttae

What about us? What about love?
narireukyeojuneun i hanmadi
keudae pume aneun chaero ttaseuhage kamssa juneyo

hwahryeohan jomyeongi kkeojimyeon haruga kkeunnago chyeojin eokkae sok teong bin i mam.. eocheol su eoptjyo

kkok sumkyeodun nae mam dudeurineyo kkamkkamhan shigan sok gijeokcheoreom
biteuro nal hwahnhi balghyeojwoyo keudae...
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Are we really breaking up now
Or are we just separated for a moment, like how we promised to be
This separation is already enough for me
Why haven't I heard from you

I love you, I can wait for آپ endlessly
When آپ come to find me
I can smile at you, always oh

Am I still unable to accept it
That آپ turned around and announced our separation

I just want to accept the truth as it is
What are آپ doing now?

I love you, I can wait for آپ endlessly
When آپ come to find me
I can smile at you, always oh

Now that sadness slowly accumulates
Although I know that آپ really left
I can only hope to be nicer to you...
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2012 was a سال filled with firsts for Girls' Generation. It was a سال with Girls' Generation's very first performances on American and French ویژن ٹیلی and with Girls' Generation's first invitations to fashion events in London and Hong Kong. It was a سال when members of Girls' Generation topped Billboard's World Albums chart, were on ویژن ٹیلی shows during the same time slot, and held a پرستار signing event in New York City, all for the very first time. Most importantly, however, it was the first time since debut that Girls' Generation did not make a return as a group to the Korean music...
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 so color full
so color full
Prior to the release of Girls' Generation's 4th official album 'I Got A Boy' on January 1st, مزید details about the album has now been revealed!

On January 1st, at 5pm KST, the album will be released on various موسیقی sites, it will carry a total of 10 songs, including the عنوان song 'I Got A Boy', previously released 'Dancing Queen', and songs of various genres from dance, ballads, retro pop, and سوئنگ, جھول jazz. Girls' Generation's new موسیقی and performance is expected to have a hot reaction from شائقین all around the world who have been waiting.

Along with the well-known, European production team...
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posted by tiagih
Ok my latest تبصرے haven't been exactly nice and while I apologize for being rude, I think I should bring some attention as to why my mood immediately dropped these last view days.

1. Spammers- I am not stupid. Call me a stalker if آپ want but lot of people are spamming questions. They will vote for سوالات that don't pertain to them یا they will make several accounts to make sure a certain person wins a poll. Heck they even vote for someone because they like them, not because its a true vote

Example: I made a male and female سروے on which traits to a male like یا a female would want. I...
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Our favourite dancing queen makes the news again...

It's certainly looks like HyoYeon's latest image change has started to pay dividends for her.

Acoording to the latest reports from the web,the current switch in HyoYeon's image and fashion style to a مزید feminine bend has attracted a lot of positive interest from Netizens and fans(Hyohunnies)alike.

HyoYeon,already a well-known شبیہ for projecting a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle in the K-Pop موسیقی circuit,on سب, سب سے اوپر of her inherent charming personality,recently went on to project a مزید ladylike,innocent public image.

Inspite of being known...
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posted by animeadd8
Sorry to say but the fact is no. But it turns out Koreans think they are fully capable of doing so.

Many people have been trying hard to break in to the US market such as Wonder Girls, Crown J, Rain, Lee Byung Hun, BoA, and Se7en. But out of all the other Korean artistes, which seem like they have a chance in the States?

At Bugs موسیقی site they held a a poll, "Which musician could make it in America?" and SNSD won with 29% of the votes. Nothing against the girls but really? In my opinion, they are really far off from what America is looking for. They're cute, I'll give them that, but who would...
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Recently, we brought آپ the Seoul Song موسیقی video which features both Super Junior and SNSD. Although the song itself promotes the city of Seoul, there’s no doubt that the SME idols are the focus of the videos. With the cute backdrop stories of several couple and the catchy tune, this song has caught the attention of many. And to draw آپ back in, Seoul Dream Series has recently uploaded the behind-the-scenes footage of the موسیقی video دکھانا the chemistry relationships between SNSD and Super Junior members. Check them out!





Hahaha...They all so adorable...
We are in the final weekend of 2009 and the last موسیقی Bank episode of 2009 which falls on Christmas Day. Who will walk away as the مجموعی طور پر K-Chart winner of 2009?

The battle for the مجموعی طور پر K-Chart winner was between SNSD for Gee, 2NE1 for I Don't Care and Super Junior for Sorry, Sorry. All the 3 songs have practically ruled much of the weeks when they begun promotions in 2009 and were highly مقبول with fans.

But there can only be 1 ultimate winner and it went to the 9 girls of SNSD who ruled much of early 2009 with their killer hit song, Gee for nine consecutive weeks if آپ still remember. Hahaha... 9 definitely a great n powerful number.

Watch the moment:
 SNSD won KChart!!!
SNSD won KChart!!!
Singer Baek Ji Young and SNSD's cutie maknae, Seohyun have caught the attention of many, as the two appeared for a surprise joint performance on موسیقی Bank.

The two ladies performed the hit OST, "Don't Forget Me," which was from the recently wrapped-up drama, IRIS.

Seohyun showed her fantastic skills in playing the piano while Baek Ji Young unsurprisingly displayed her tear-inducing vocal talent.

Watch the video:

Seohyun got a lot of talents n that's surprised a lot of people. Moral of the story, don't judge the book سے طرف کی it's cover. So, all the best SNSD!!!
 Baek Ji Young n Seohyun...
Baek Ji Young n Seohyun...
SM Entertainment Releases Official Statement About Girls' Generation Sooyoung-Jung Kyung Ho Dating Rumors
SM Entertainment officially revealed a statement dating that the dating rumors between Girls' Generation Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho are false.

Today, SM Entertainment stated, "The two are not dating. They met through a group meeting at church and have been close دوستوں and nothing more."

Recently, the rumors about them dating have become a hot issue. The news had reported that the two had become close after Jung Kyung Ho came back from the army last year.

SM denied these rumors and stated...
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1. Seohyun


She is good at what she does(singing and dancing) unlike the other. Like Taeyeon,Tiffany and Jessica, They're great in singing but not good/great in dancing. Sooyoung,Hyoyeon,Yoona and Yuri are great in singing but not good/great
Seohyun beats Sunny in both singing and dancing. Plus Seohyun can play many instruments,speaks many language and great in variety show
Seohyun is the 3rd best singer and 5th best dancer.

Reason for the voters:

Miyuki-hime -

Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany are very good at singing but not dancing. Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona are very good at dancing but not singing....
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posted by kpop4everlover
My Bias Ranking
1. Yuri
2. Tiffany
3. Sooyoung
4. Yoona
5. Seohyun
6. Taeyeon
7. Jessica
8. Sunny
9. Hyoyeon

My Beauty Ranking
1. Sooyoung
2. Tiffany
3. Yoona
4. Yuri
5. Taeyeon
6. Jessica
7. Seohyun
8. Hyoyeon
9. Sunny

My Funniest Member Ranking
1. Sooyoung
2. Yuri
3. Hyoyeon
4. Taeyeon
5. Yoona
6. Jessica
7. Tiffany
8. Sunny
9. Seohyun

My Cutest Member Ranking
1. Taeyeon
2. Yoona
3. Tiffany
4. Sooyoung
5. Yuri
6. Jessica
7. Seohyun
8. Sunny
9. Hyoyeon

(Cutest Member Ranking Has Changed!)

My No-Make up Ranking
1. Sooyoung
2. Tiffany
3. Yoona
4. Yuri
5. Seohyun
6. Taeyeon
7. Jessica
8. Sunny
9. Hyoyeon

My Best Singer...
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شائقین worldwide were shocked upon hearing that Sunny was hospitalized during SNSD’s Japanese کنسرٹ in Saitama.

Reportedly, Sunny fainted during the کنسرٹ and so she went straight to the hospital to recover.

One Japanese newspaper reported, “At the SNSD کنسرٹ at the Saitama Super Arena on June 5th, Sunny fainted due to overwork and was moved to the hospital.”

After receiving treatment, Sunny demonstrated her fighting spirit سے طرف کی coming back directly for the encore stage. As she walked onto the stage, she cried and apologized to her شائقین for making them worry.

One related ذریعہ said, “Her condition wasn’t good before the concert. This won’t affect their schedule.”

SM Entertainment revealed that Sunny was just fatigued and there was no major health issues.

We know that the girls are working over-time and investing everything they have into their promotions, but health should always come first!
posted by Aidy_Hyo91
Over the last سال my beauty ranking has changed a little, apart from the سب, سب سے اوپر 4. The others have either gone down یا gone up.

2013 beauty ranking
1. Hyoyeon
2. Taeyeon
3. Jessica
4. Tiffany
5. Yuri
6. Seohyun
7. Sunny
8. Sooyoung
9. Yoona

2014 beauty ranking

1. Hyoyeon - this will never change!!!!

2. Taeyeon - another one I'll always love!!

3. Jessica - even though she's gone, she's still one of my favourites!!

4. Tiffany - I don't know why people think she's ugly, I've always thought she was beautiful!!

5. Sunny - I didn't really like her with short hair and the ever changing hair colour was off putting....
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posted by snsdlover4ever
 That's basically what I want to say about this.
That's basically what I want to say about this.
*****Disclaimer: Please excuse one یا two curse words. I'm worked up.*****

So, this is مزید of a rant. Of course it comes from my own opinions, but there's gonna be a lot مزید attacking than usual, but there will be the ever-so-fabulous memes to amuse and lighten up the atmosphere. It's basically me commenting on comments, except in مضمون form, and it is directed at a user, that I'm sure would never see this, but I'm covering their نام کا صارف and picture, unless آپ happen to find the تبصرہ on this club, then I can't do anything about it.

Besides, I don't hate any users on here. I may just...
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posted by sgsone
Hi guys!Since I'm back,I'll update u on my fanfic Hallyu Academy.I did mention that I will be focusing on the couples in the last مضمون and yeah...get ready for مزید of BaekYeon and KhunFany.Btw,this fic will concentrate on these two couples mostly since others are a bit hard to write about...Let's get started!
Link to گزشتہ EP:

Baekhyun:Yahoo!We're going to the amusement part!!!

Taeyeon:Yah!Quiet down!We're in the hotel for pity's sake!

And yeah they are in the hotel,their going for an overnight trip remember?!

Receptionist: I'm sorry Miss,but...
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 Let's dance
Let's dance
The results are ready for being seen, hope you'll enjoy them. This time I don't agree a lot but I'll try to make a good review.

Dancing Queen
Best: Yuri, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung
Okay: Taeyeon, Seohyun
Worst: Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny

Best: Yoona, Hyoyeon, Tiffany
Okay: Seohyun, Yuri, Sooyoung
Worst: Jessica, Taeyeon, Sunny

Let's start with the MV:

From 7 to 9, new pair. Bangs, Jessica, bangs. She should try something different but until The Boys she didn't get rid of them. You'll have 2 مزید years of pain. Ignoring her bangs, which is difficult, she was quite plain and she didn't stand...
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