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This Girls Generation/SNSD تصویر contains neonate, newborn, newborn infant, and newborn baby. There might also be دودھ, پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ.

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The ladies of Girls’ Generation have completed all 20 shows for their Japanese tour!

The girls embarked on their سیکنڈ Japan Arena Tour back on February 9, 2013. During the tour, they had several hilarious episodes, including Taeyeon and Jessica‘s throwing incidents.

Sooyoung thanked her شائقین for filling up the stages in a sea of گلابی for every concert. She uploaded تصاویر of the group and wrote on their official board, “Sone, thanks for filling up our venue with گلابی each time!! We won’t forget the precious memories of the 20 shows ♥ When I saw all the eyes supporting us, singing...
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sounds gay when آپ look at the lyrics lol
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