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posted by snsdlover4ever
Wow. Haven't written an مضمون in a long time, so let's get started shall we?

I'm not getting into the whole "line distribution" thing, since in their Japanese singles, it's essentially the same thing over and over again (Hyoyeon only getting one line to make us remember that she still has a little presence in this song, Yoona getting filler English lines because she's the visual, etc.) Plus, that's pretty_angel92's territory when it comes to writing about line distribution, so I'm not stepping over my boundaries xP.

This song started out promising for me. Seohyun's voice didn't sound nasal...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
I remembered that I occasionally did these for the members, and this is no exception, دیا the current situation. Let's begin!

Ah, Jessica. While I'd like to say that I love her as much as the other members, I can't. Don't get me wrong, I still love all of them, but some are just higher than others. No big deal, but I'm speaking the truth when I say that I don't love her as much as the rest. Out of all the members, she's the only one that never became my bias, which is surprising for me since I thought I could relate مزید to her, since we had lots in common.

The reason why I thought I could...
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I would like to add مزید مضامین to SNSD.So here goes my سیکنڈ article.Seriously I am not biased.Its just my opinion.Hope you'll enjoy it......

I really found out her very plain.I even didn't like her hair.She sounds odd to me.Well,her reactions doesn't suit her.

I hate her hair and absolutely her reaction.Looking deep into her,she looks plain.

Her beauty got stolen سے طرف کی this reaction.I really didn't find her pretty.She hasn't got a feel of crying.

That pose doesn't suit her.No reactions in her face was a thing to put her in this place.

Her hair ruins her...
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Ladies and gentlemen
Can آپ hear me?
I hope آپ are ready for a fast ride
Cause that’s what we’re going for tonight
So sit back and buckle up
Cause you’ll be racing with the stars tonight
Listen! Wow!

[Taeyeon] Hwachanghan sunny دن pyeongbeomhan geon jaemi eobtji
Teukbyeolhan bimireul chaja tteonabolkka eodiro?
[Tiffany] Eoril jeok deureo bon deutan sinbiroun mijiui segyero!
Right now, sigani eobseo, nae sonjit ttara follow me

[All] Holler holler holler
[Seohyun] Nawa nuneul matchwo
[All] Holler holler holler
[Taeyeon] Jamdeun ne mameul kkaewo
[All] Holler holler holler
[Seohyun] Sijakhae boneun geoya...
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posted by DaniMF
This مضمون is going to be, as the عنوان says, about my favourite pairs. Hope you'll enjoy it. This is my first مضمون in a while, I want to make some before I start my school term.

Also, don't ask about some pairs in the comments, this is about my favourite pairs, not the most genuine. And yes, آپ can expect Sooyoung in a lot of pairs and Seohyun in neither of them.

My favourite pair ever, they are my perfect couple. They are so dorky together, I love seeing their moments. They have a lot os pics, تصاویر and selcas together, and they hang out a lot together. They've done a lot of...
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Here are the Results for the ' Who looks the best with side bangs? ' Poll

Worst: in no particular order

I think the reason why Yoona was placed in 'worst' was because she usually doesn't wear side bangs. Yoona almost always has her hair parted on the side ( which is perfect for her ). Which is why I think that hairstyle fits her مزید than having side bangs. Of course I think she looks pretty either way.

Again, the same reason as Yoona as to why Yuri was placed in the 'worst' section. She nearly always has her hair parted to the side. And I think her hair like that is beautiful...
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For this ranking, i had to rewatch the MV, because the scans i found on the internet are pretty bad

Number 9-Seohyun
Poor girl. I admit she looked slightly better in terms of hairstyle but i still think her face was really unnatractive.

Number 8-Yoona
If i found Yoona plain in ITNW, i think she looked even مزید plain in this MV. Her hair looked extremely oily and i didn't like the makeup. There was something really off with her face

Number 7-Hyoyeon
Drop for Hyoyeon, i thought she looked amazing in ITNW but in this one...geez. what kind of hair was that? This is the first Hyoyeon's hair...
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