Everywhere that آپ see, people who think of religion view it in some very depressing and oppressive matters, especially when it came to the "role" of women; I guess I can see why: many پرانے زمانے, قدیم شکل patriarchs would use religious documents to justify why women belong in a specific role of life as the homemaker who must serve her husband hand and foot, especially Christian men, who use the punishment of Eve to justify making women "obey" their male counterparts. They turn to the Bible constantly to justify "gender roles" where women should listen to their husbands and husbands should command their wives and treat them as children یا second-class citizens. Little do these patriarchs know, though, is that the greatest human figure they look up to, Jesus, was a Feminist, himself... *collective gasps*
Okay, now that I've allowed آپ readers enough time to take in this new and bizarre information and gasp in surprise and awe, let me tell آپ how I came to this conclusion:
As a web surfer, I tend to take in a lot of information and perspectives as I can handle, especially when it came to topics that I care about, like Feminism and Christianity. I read a lot of interesting points when somehow these two topics interwine into an article. I've read some that کہا women were below their husbands and should allow their husbands to make the rules of the house, I read some that were a little less extreme-like they کہا that a woman can have a voice in the matter- but still held the belief that the man's decision was the foremost best and wisest, whether یا not he listened to his wife at all. But the one that stuck out to me the most was when an article, written سے طرف کی a Christian husband and what inspired this article, stated that husbands should respect their wives as equal instead of a secondary vessel meant to make the ہوم and obey husbands. And he wasn't just talking about wives, either: he was talking about how women should be seen as capable and human as men, and should be able to take in leadership roles as well, specifically in the Church. And why? Because his thorough research of the Bible showed that Jesus had respect for women. And after reading the New Testament, I can see that, too. Here are some stories that دکھائیں this:
-When the men of village were ready to stone this adultress to death and not both of the adultering culprits, Jesus stood up for her and saved her سے طرف کی stating that those who committed no sin are allowed to throw the stones at her, knowing fully well that no human being besides himself was sinless. Because of that, no one stoned her.
-While rich men were throwing in their high amounts of gifts and moneyto the church, Jesus praised this one, poor, lowly widow who gave only two cooper pieces- worth less than a penny- because He knew that that was all she had yet her love of God inspired her to give to the church.
-When visiting Lazarus's sisters, Jesus was teaching the youngest sister and conversing with her about God's love, instead of making her help her older sister with رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا preparations, something the patriarchs would say was her role as a woman.
-Jesus, even as an adult man, still obeyed his mother when she asked him to make مزید wine for the Canaanites wedding feast, when in that culture, he was مزید than allowed to tell her no because He was a man and she was a woman.
There are some مزید instances within the Gospels that دکھائیں how Jesus was دکھانا respect for women as human beings that we are through his daily living of treating EVERYONE that he met with respect and love, regardless of gender. Why did He دکھائیں respect for women within a culture that saw women as second-class citizens that are pretty much evil vessels that do wrong and lead men to do wrong? Because he was there when His Father created Eve from Adam's rib, signifying that since women were pretty much made with the same material as men, we were equal and should be treated as such.