Godzilla Zilla Not So Bad?

rexrumbler posted on Jan 18, 2011 at 11:13PM
zilla is always called "gino", or "fraudzilla". but i actualy think he isnt so bad. sure, he wont win a straight out fight with the real godzilla, but he might make a good team with him or another monster like mothra. his son, zilla jr., is widley thought to be stronger, and i kind of belive that. instead of strong winds, he breathes nuclear fire. instead of running away from threats, he faces them directly.instead of sliping through buildings, he smashes them.and even the original zilla is better then that cheesy hanna barbera godzilla back in the 70's.that thing was just a big stupid pet of humanity.sure, zilla jr. is on our side to, but he imprinted on nick tatopolis. besides, he's just protecting his teritory, not humanity. anyway i dont think zilla is so bad even though he will not win a fight with the real godzilla.

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک New1Superion2 said…
It may be a minority view but I agree with you. As a "realistic giant monster", Zilla would have been a perfect rival for the U.S.'s only iconic giant monster, King Kong. The American film company didn't think things through when they gave Japan back, the Godzilla name AND the Zilla design.

If possible, I would have sold the name back but kept the creature design. Slap a new name on it for the American audience and to appease the legitimately angry Japanese audience, shrink it down to Kong's size and make a few movies with the two of them.

After that I'd get to work adding other "realistic giant monsters" to the American monster roll call. I'd like to see a Grizzly Bear monster, a Wolverine, an Alligator, a Rattlesnake, a pack of Gray Wolf monsters, and a Wild Hog added to the line up. Some smaller/weaker monsters like a Skunk, Snapping Turtle, Black Widow Spider, Freshwater Catfish, and a Bald or Golden Eagle would be cool too.

The monsters wouldn't necessarily be good or bad--they'd just fight each other to protect their own territory. Zilla and Kong would be the apex monsters who don't care about other monsters' territorial boundaries.

As for the Japanese monsters, I wouldn't even try to compete with them... but that's just what I would've done.

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 It may be a minority view but I agree with you. As a "realistic giant monster", Zilla would have been
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک madscientist117 said…
I agree with you. Zilla's not so bad.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک TheLefteris24 said…
Totally Agree.The Only Reason Most Fans Dislike Him It's Because Of The Name He Had In The 1998 Movie.Yeah,Sure He Is Not Godzilla But You Can't Deny The Fact That He Has Potential As A Separate Kaiju.Believe It Or Not I Would Love To See Him Return In Future Movies Along With Godzilla !!!!