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“What did آپ do, Mom?” Jason asked.
    “How do آپ feel about Roxanne? Do آپ like her?”
    “Yes, I like her. Why are آپ asking me this?”
    “Roxanne is your fiancée, sweetheart. Blair and I arranged for the two of آپ to marry when you’re ready. Chuck and your father had no idea that we did this. She and I agreed that the time has come for us to come clean with each of our children.”
    Jason just stood there in shock as he heard his mother telling him that he already had a fiancée despite...
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posted by girly_girl
Some of my fave Chair quotes from season one!

Chuck: I'm honoured to be playing even a small role in your deflowering.
Blair: You're disgusting.
Chuck: Yes, I am, so why be shy?

Blair: You're heinous.
Chuck: Which is probably why آپ called.
Blair: آپ know me well.

Chuck: Admit it, even for me, this is good.
Blair: If آپ weren't such a perv, i'm sure the CIA would hire آپ in a second.
Chuck: Defending my country? There's a future I never imagined.
Blair: With good reason.

Chuck: It's a facility for the disturbed یا addicted.
Blair: آپ must have your own wing.
Chuck: آپ don't get nearly enough credit...
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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
A/N: YAY! I finally updated something! Short, I know, but I'm already working on chapter three which I'm sure will be گیا کیا پوسٹ سے طرف کی later on tonight.

Warning: Rape invloved.
No matter how hard she tried to scream, she couldn't. His hand was placed firmly over her mouth, his grip on her around her neck tight.

"Now, now, Blair. Don't try anything stupid," Jack warned her, wagging the index finger on his free hand. What the fuck? Who did he think she was? A fucking kindergardener? "I wouldn't wanna have to snap your pretty little neck." He put down is free hand and removed his other hand from her mouth....
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posted by Yankeesam32935
Friendly Encounters- Chapter Nine

“What’s phase two?”
He smirked. “Phase two is to see how much we are attracted to each other.”
She returned his smirk. “Don’t we already know that?”
Chuck placed his hand on her thigh. “We know that we want each other with a passion that is insane, that how crazy it is. But I want to find out how far we can go without stopping. Because if I stop آپ when we’re about to have sex, آپ know that means that I’m totally falling for you, Blair.”
His words melted her heart. “So, if we go back to your place and آپ don’t stop me that means that...
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Temptation of the Best Kind- Chapter One

His brain was addled from the lack of sleep, but even in his semi conscious state he knew what he had done. He only prayed that it had only been a dream. That would be his only excuse. It had to of only been a dream, right? He would never have had sex with his best friend’s girlfriend and not only that, but he was the one that took her virginity.
Fuck. Who was he really kidding? He was Chuck باس, گھنگھور and he knew he would do it if he wanted too, nothing ever stopped him. Chuck slowly pried his eyes open and found that he was lying on his side in the middle...
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 The NJBC w/ Humphrey hidden in the corner;) reunite?!
The NJBC w/ Humphrey hidden in the corner;) reunite?!
Okay, so to start off I’m so nervous. This is MY VERY FIRST fic about, about ANYTHING really, and plus very first time publishing something of mine on the net. Oh god, haha I’m starting to regret it now. I can 100% guarantee آپ I have ABSOLOUTLY NO experience in writing, so don’t expect AMAZING writing. So, please don’t be too harsh if آپ don’t like it=P
Well, this fic is about The NJBC + Humphrey, haha I had to add him in this too=) But mainly about the one and only epic CB.<3

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posted by DefineDelicate
I will wait for Him

By DefineDelicate

Dear Diary,

I feel so foolish. Here I am 3am and I’m writing pages filled of useless information, but I didn’t want to forget this day. And I feel like if I don’t write it now it will be wash away like the rest of my Memories, only I feel like this one is rather important. I want to remember every touch. Every emotion that I know went though me in the last few hours.

I feel so alone, yet overjoyed at the same time. I know I should be screaming because feelings were laid out, but yet even as I write this I feel a tear. a stupid Majestic Tear. I’m clearly...
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posted by melikhan
Season One: 2007-2008
Season 1 featured 18 episodes and began airing on September 19, 2007. However, due to the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike, only 13 episodes were produced from the planned 22, but once the strike ended, the network announced five مزید episodes to be produced, and finally the season concluded on May 19, 2008. The season premiered with 3.5 million viewers,and ended with 3.00.Although the ratings were low the network renewed the دکھائیں for سیکنڈ season due their aiming on male and female demographics on age 18-34.
In the beginning of the first season, the episodes focus...
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posted by mother_chucker
*i do not own gossip girl یا characters.

I wanted to run. To leave. I wanted to make Chuck hurt. I wanted to make myself hurt, as I stared into my white چینی مٹی کے برتن bowl of salvation. But سے طرف کی purging I would only let him win. So, instead I got up, took a sleeping pill, got changed into my La Perla night گاؤن, gown and tried to succumb to sleep. Trying to leave today in the past.

Too bad life can’t be that easy.

At around 3am I felt Chuck slither in beside me. He wrapped his large toned arm around my waist affectionately. The gesture used to be comforting , I used to find protection in his embrace, but...
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Plz don’t attack me I’m just stating facts, and as they always say the truth hurts

As we all know from the first season until now Dan was always the OUTSIDER, LONELY BOY he even wrote a whole book about being the outsider and that’s after spending 4 & half years with the upper east sider’s circle.

No matter what he been through with them (Nate, Serena, chuck, Blair …) he still judge them and saw himself BETTER than them, still after everything he still looks down on them, want a proof Nate his best friend didn’t even have a dissent role in his book, the girl he loved since he...
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Gossip Girl has resorted to political drama, celebrity gossip and child play in order for a good story to have its punchline. All they manage to achieve is constant chaos and overachievers that just grew up too quickly.

In this case, politics and شخصیات مشہور does equate the vile drama and disarray with the touch of gossip somewhere in the middle, but I got lost to the point where Gossip Girl kept narrating the lives of the tarnished and the only text message received was to Dan's phone about Olivia's personal spill on live television. I think Gossip Girl has lost her touch, her witty remarks...
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When Blair handed her flame over to Jenny she didn't contemplate on her throwing it in the dump to burn elsewhere. The one thing Constance could tolerate was change especially the type of change Jenny delivered with that rusty speech. Really who was she kidding?

The three girls attempting to replace Hazel, Penelope and Isabel came off as mere imitators. They were a trio we could have done without.

Surely Jenny's epiphany granted Blair an opportunity to ditch her tormented life in NYU and seek higher familiar ground where she once reigned. I actually expected that Blair would اقدام in Constance...
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posted by gossipgirljade
 Chase and Leighton,off set. cute smiles : )
Chase and Leighton,off set. cute smiles : )
The Gossip Girl cast love one another a lot!! Ed and Jessica are dating aswell as Blake and Penn which got me to thinking. That leaves Chace and Leighton. Yep, i'm going there.Ok,so we're not talking about their characters, we're talking about the actual actors. Chace and Leighton are beautiful people,we all know this and well, they're hot...together. Now if all the co-stars are falling for each other,then what's to stop the remaing two from it? One name,Sebastion. Now don't get me wrong,he's good looking,a talented actor,and i'm sure very smart.I just like Chase better in genral.You know...
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Ok everybody i lied! i کہا saturday would be the دن i wrote my Chapter 3 but i couldnt wait that long! (after watching o brother where bart thou? for the 6th time i was so inspired i had to come straight here! so here goes nothing... ENJOY!


It wasnt much of a fall, only about 5 feet. What Blair and Nate hadnt seen when they saw Chuck wobble on the edge of a building was that there was another roof not so far down. He did fall which was مزید of the point."I need a drink," Chuck slurred, even though he was already wasted. "I think it would be best if آپ stop drinking," Blair said...
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 Lost without a BFF
Lost without a BFF
Episode 17: Scary Moment

GG: Yes it's true, Blair Waldorf rushed to hospital, With an unknown problem, یا a known problem, Just unknown to us. Anyone let Chuck know? Better get over to the hospital C, I'm sure your the first one Blair wants to see, When she wakes up.

(At the Belleview Hospital)

Blair is lying on the bed, She is still unconcious. She has been in the hospital for 2 days.
Her collapse was caused سے طرف کی her years of bulimia.

In Blair's private room.
Eleanor, Darota, Harold and Roman are there.
Darota is standing سے طرف کی the door. Harold is sitting سے طرف کی Blair's بستر holding her hand, Roman is standing...
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 Where is the Bass?
Where is the Bass?
Episode 1: Back to the Bass

GG: Yes. It's that time of سال again, When Gossip Girl goes crazy for gossip like she isn't always but yes it's Gossip Girl's birthday, but آپ know the only thing I want is a juicy story on one of our elite...Anyone wanna make Gossip Girl's dreams come true ?

At School.
Serena and Blair are sitting in the courtyard eating lunch.

S: So What happened the other night at Victrola
B: Nothing (looks down)
S: B?
B: Nothing I swear
S: (looks at Blair waiting for an answer)
B: If I give آپ Chuck Bass, A tone of booze and a Whore joint namly Victrola, draw your own conclusion S...
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posted by Delena_Damon4e
I HATE VANESSA! Always have and always will!! In the گزشتہ episode she کہا that she's over Serena and the NJBC but obviously she's not! How can she destroy her best friend and her ex like that? I mean she's jealous of Serena she always was but Nate and Dan? How could she play with them like she never had any feelings for any of them! And Jenny too! I mean Jenny is always trying to destroy everyone and especially people who love her like Eric last سال and now Dan?! Seriously how selfish and mean can someone be? She's not a کتیا, کتيا in a seducing way like Blair and she'll never be. She tried...
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posted by Jovii

I mean, obviously. Chuck/Blair has been a near-constant battle. Games were part of the foundation of their relationship ("You and I bonded over a mutual love of scheming"), games were part of their undoing. Season 2 is inundated with dialogue about games and stakes, winning and losing. Games + Chuck and Blair's king and queen pretensions = every chess and war cliche reference in the history of ever.

Also obviously, games aren't the point. S2's sabotage, schemes, wagers, and ~seductions are just a way for Chuck and Blair to channel their feelings for each other into a safer type of...
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I am actually attempting to continue the first chapter! I am nervous but excited! I hope آپ enjoy!

"Blair dont do this to yourself!" Serena yelled through the bathroom door. The faucet was turned on but it didnt drown out Blair's sobs and gags.
"Blair open the door right NOW!" Serena yelled worried about her best friend.
"Im fine!" Blair sobbed. "Hes not going to get any better سے طرف کی آپ puking your lunch up!" Serena کہا cringing. She heard the lock turn and the door knob turn as well. The door opened. Serena embraced Blair in a tight hug. "I cant...
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Ill give Serena the credit for being one of the most kind and good-hearted characters in gossip girl. She doesnt judge anyone یا put herself in front of others. But i cant help but notice how incredibly annoying she is. Not all the time obviously but 90% of the time. She constantly makes the dumbest decisions and never makes any sense when she speaks. Shes always confused and thinks shes the cutest thing in the world. Like seriously, im trying to re watch gossip girl from the beginning to catch up and im on the سیکنڈ season and i cant stand any scenes with Serena anymore. And Dan is just as annoying. Everytime some new kind of drama happens that she has to fix یا hide, her methods for going about it are always the same pointless idiotic solutions. And how she just lets Blair walk all over her and take over her life just proves my point even more. Serena وین Der Woodsen..most annoying girl on the Upper East Side.