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This Gossip Girl تصویر contains سوفی and لٹانا. There might also be ننگی ٹانگوں, پینٹیہوج, چپٹنےوالا پتلون, چپٹنےوالا, سکنٹاگہٹ پتلون, سکنٹاگہٹ, ہوجری, نلی, hosiery, hose, ہوزری, کمرے سے کمرے رہنے, بیٹھے کمرے, سامنے کے کمرے, پارلر, لونگ روم, بیٹھنے کے کمرے, and بیٹھک.

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Ok everybody i lied! i کہا saturday would be the دن i wrote my Chapter 3 but i couldnt wait that long! (after watching o brother where bart thou? for the 6th time i was so inspired i had to come straight here! so here goes nothing... ENJOY!


It wasnt much of a fall, only about 5 feet. What Blair and Nate hadnt seen when they saw Chuck wobble on the edge of a building was that there was another roof not so far down. He did fall which was مزید of the point."I need a drink," Chuck slurred, even though he was already wasted. "I think it would be best if آپ stop drinking," Blair said...
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 Lost without a BFF
Lost without a BFF
Episode 17: Scary Moment

GG: Yes it's true, Blair Waldorf rushed to hospital, With an unknown problem, یا a known problem, Just unknown to us. Anyone let Chuck know? Better get over to the hospital C, I'm sure your the first one Blair wants to see, When she wakes up.

(At the Belleview Hospital)

Blair is lying on the bed, She is still unconcious. She has been in the hospital for 2 days.
Her collapse was caused سے طرف کی her years of bulimia.

In Blair's private room.
Eleanor, Darota, Harold and Roman are there.
Darota is standing سے طرف کی the door. Harold is sitting سے طرف کی Blair's بستر holding her hand, Roman is standing...
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