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 Ed & Jessica
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This Gossip Girl آرٹ پرستار might contain گلدستے, سے corsage, میں posy, nosegay, بکی, کورساج, گلدستہ, نوسیگی, پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ.

Rated: References to adult themes...

It had been a few days now and the team had spent their time educating themselves about their current lives and the world they now lived in. Particularly Nate and Chuck who needed to learn so much about politics and باس, گھنگھور Industries respectively. Lucky for them it would be expected of them not to know too much anyway as Nate was still studying and Chuck was practically new to the company.

Serena was a natural, once she had found her P.A everything had just fallen into place for her. She had just been offered a new تصویر shoot and was looking آگے to getting...
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Never Say Never; Chapter One

“But I am me, and آپ are you. We’re Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. The worst thing you’ve ever done, the darkest thought you’ve ever had, I will stand سے طرف کی آپ through anything.” She grabbed his hand as she spoke.

“And why is that?” He asked her coldly.

“Because…I love you.”

He took a moment before coming up with a reply, that he knew would break her دل in an instance. “Well, that’s too bad.”

He got into the limo, leaving a broken-hearted Blair Waldorf standing there, tears forming in here eyes, all alone.


Blair opened her eyes slowly,...
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What They Don’t Know, Won’t Hurt Them- Oneshot-Ed/Leighton/RPF

A/N: I have never written a RPF fiction before, but I am very happy سے طرف کی the way this one turned out. It was all give to me as a prompt سے طرف کی a friend and I’m glad that it was. It made me go outside my comfort zone and now who doesn’t like some Ed and Leighton sexy times? Ha. :D

She likes him. She always has, but there’s something different about it now. She knows there’s a part of Chuck باس, گھنگھور buried deep inside Ed and she secretly likes that.
Leighton realizes that their relationship is different from the others. It’s not...
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Summary: Blair Waldorf is a young, beautiful, 18 سال old, dark haired girl who was raised in California سے طرف کی her New Yorker parents. As a little girl she used to visit her grandparents in the Upper East Side, and she remembered having دوستوں there. Now she graduated from high school and went to college, Yale, only to find there people who she no longer remembered existed. What will happen?

Chapter 3: Blair: your friend Nate

“KNOCK. KNOCK” someone was at Blair’s dorm door knocking, and it was only 6 am, meaning Blair was still asleep, enjoying her sleep after last night partying like crazy...
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 Sit on something Bass?
Sit on something Bass?
Read Part 1 if آپ havent already:)

Read Part 2 if آپ haven't already:)

Omg!! I don’t even know where to start on saying my THANKS to everyone who had reviewed it یا made it as a story alert/favourite alert etc…. THANK آپ SO MUCH! Honestly I never would expect to even get one review, یا at least having one person to like it. So thank آپ guys<33
And, sorry about the lateness in this, I actually wrote this entire thing without editing in one night, but I didn‘t get a chance to ترمیم it sooner due to homework=] So hope آپ guys enjoy, and again thank آپ so much.
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 Happy Engagement!
Happy Engagement!
Chair Tales S02E10- Beauty and the Bass

The engagement party commences.

Serena and Dan are sharing a dance and Nate and Blair are dancing too. Nate has been pestering her all night to speak to Chuck who has been catching up with Jenny and Lily. (F.Y.I: Jenny is at یونیورسٹی and, unlike the real Gossip Girl, Lily has never had a history with Bart Bass, she is single and has been mingling with Rufus during her trip to New Haven, Rufus is also single)

C: So...you and Rufus...i saw آپ two at the back of the house earlier..(he grins)
L: Charles! Dont be silly..you saw nothing.
E: (Erick and Jenny...
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posted by GGLover_1
 it's christmas eve!
it's christmas eve!
-So i'm a first timer... hope آپ like it. I started to write it bcuz, i'm a huge fan, of all your fanfics and bcuz i <3 chair!!!

Chuck and Blairs 'Love Story', it takes place in the 1st season, right after nate breaks up with blair, after she slept with chuck...

GG: What will happen this christmas eve?! Is B gonna get her C present???

* It's christmas eve finally, blair and nate just broke up. Nate forgave her because he realized she really did have feelings for chuck. Now at the وین der باس, گھنگھور apartment, Serena needs to get chuck to forgive blair and go to her.

S: ارے eric, have آپ seen chuck?...
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Most of آپ who watch gossip girl also watch one درخت hill.(me being one of them)I found a one درخت ہل, لندن schedule for the rest of season 6 and since one درخت ہل, لندن and gossip girl usually have the same schedule, i thought this might apply to gossip girl to.So here's one درخت hill's schedule....
3/09-new ep.(6x17)
3/16-new ep.(6x18)
3/23-new ep.(6x19)
4/20-new ep.(6x20)
4/27-new ep.(6x21)
5/04-new ep.(6x22)
5/11-new ep.(6x23)

So,yes there is another break coming,for درخت hill, but like i کہا i'm not sure...
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 Something on your mind B?
Something on your mind B?
Episode 8: Just Missing

GG: ارے Upper East Siders, So things have been a little quiet here over the last few weeks, and Gossip Girl is not happy, What happened to scandal? I can't believe I'm saying this but it looks like Gossip Girl is...Bored!

In Class at Constance.
The teacher is giving a leacture.
Blair is sitting سے طرف کی Serena and is looking bored and is not paying attention, because her mind is on other things. (Chuck)

T: (Teacher) And so If آپ all open your text کتابیں to page 19, Which will focus on our creative writing techniques. So your work for this course will be to write a paper titled...
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posted by nataliaryanfan
Chapter 5

She was bulimic.

The door of the bathroom that held testament to that fact slammed behind Chuck as he left.


For some reason, he couldn’t think. Wouldn’t think, wouldn’t let the message enter his mind.

He just had to tell Serena, tell Nate; her best friend, her boyfriend.

They could deal with it. He wasn’t anything to her.


He felt something pull on his sleeve before he managed to get to her bedroom door, the one that lead to the hallway which would take him down to the two clueless blonds.

“What?!” He barked, turning round to face Blair sharply.

She blinked at...
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This is my first مضمون on FanPop. So برداشت, ریچھ with me. Tell me what آپ think!

After going to Blair's house Chuck seemed lost. He acted as if he had not just poured his دل out to the only girl he’s ever loved. He didn’t want to دکھائیں pain. After all he was Chuck Bass.

"Getting in pretty late, huh?" Serena appeared in the doorway. Chuck smirked. That was one of the many reasons Serena despised him. He smirks when he’s wrong, right, bored, love struck, out of place, etc. she always wanted to ask him why he smirked so much but she knew she’d get some sort of stupid remark. "Were آپ at...
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Plenty of pictures of them kissing.
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She's awesome! She's late for a meeting yet she makes time for an interview with a fan! <3
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Made سے طرف کی Me :o) All Blair ships, vague message that Blair can do wathever and whoever she likes, even if people try to hate her... they can't NOT love her یا come back to her. Haha.
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