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 Dipper and Pacifica
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This Gravity Falls آرٹ پرستار contains تےندوا, unitard, جسم سوٹ, کیٹ سوٹ, لیوترد, یوناترد, and بلی سوٹ. There might also be ٹائٹس, leotards, سرکتی, لیوتردس, swimsuit کا, swimwear کے, غسل سوٹ, سوئمنگ کاسٹیوم, غسل کاسٹیوم, سومساٹ, swimwear, کاسٹیوم غسل, swimsuit کا, and سومساٹ.

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Reasons way. pinecest. is right.

Reason. 1. is. they. won't. find. love
Reason. 2. is. They always. Love ❤ each other
Reason 3 is. they always. do. things. Together

Reasons. way dipper. won't. find. Love

Reason. 1. he. is. a. nerd

Reason. 2 he
read's. Boring books

Reason. 3. he. is. awkward

Reasons way. Mabel. won't. Find. Love

Reason 1. she. is. crazy

Reason 2. she. is. in. stupid idiot.

Reason 3. is. boys. Just don't like. Her

Reasons. Way. dipper and. Mabel. will. always. Love ❤. each other

Reason. 1. is. they. always. protect each other

Reason 2. is. they. love. to. go on adventures. Together

Reason. 3. is. they. Love to. love. each other
I've been dabbling with Gravity Falls پرستار fics of late, and I may have a new one for آپ guys concerning Robbie Valentino.
I think Robbie is adopted, and here's why.
Think back to the episode "Love God" when Mabel is walking down the hall to Robbie's Room and passes the portraits on the wall.
(1) Young Robbie, Happy, Gleeful. one of the first pictures, before he found out he was adopted.
(2) Robbie, about Dipper and Mabel's age, still happy, but slightly distant. Robbie was a smart kid, just like Dipper and Mabel, with natural musical talent, Julliard level talent, and it's about this time he found...
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A 14 سیکنڈ version of of "Cray Cray" By:Sev'ral Times.
gravity falls
sev'ral times
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