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Lila856 posted on Jun 15, 2008 at 02:18AM
Because she asked for the story on Cappie
Because the kappa tau (specially beaver) love Rebecca!
Because he loves to be supervised and recorded by her
Because their 30 hours together changed everything
Because he may be case study 8675309, but he's HER case study
Because he's her "Rob Thomas Guy"
Because she knows his real name
Because "we don't see things as they are... we see things as WE are."
Because "my weekend with the senator's daughter… sounds kinky."
Because he likes to get to know his supervisor before he strupes her
Because the supervisor couldn't avoid showing her personal feelings about the subject
Because she knows how hard he works to pretend that nothing bothers him
Because he laughed at "oral stimuli"
Because she smiled at his joke
Because when it comes to Rebecca "it's so much more fun to be wrong"
Because he could be her Prince Charming
Because he saw a dog and she saw a bong
Because they shared their feelings about their parents
Because sitting next to Cappie gave Rebecca perspective
Because she's not nearly as unpleasant as he thought she’d be
Because he smells better than she thought he would
Because they like to laugh together
Because he opened the door for her
Because the knowledge she received from him was far too valuable
Because even though the tests were pointless, he wasn't sure all of it was
Because what happened in that room means EVERTHING in the real world
Because they were two strangers picked to sit in a room and get their lives taped
Because she'll see him around
Because she would do anything for him --- even pass a note to casey!
Because he called her "m'lady"
Because he LOVES to tickle her
Because she liked his poster [even though she wasn't in the position to notice it!]
Because they like to end on even numbers
Because Cappie thought their fling was "fling-tastic!"
Because they were both hesitant to end their fling
Because he sighed when he watched her leave
Because there's no talking in the library --- just kissing
Because Cappie was looking at Rebecca when Wade said "girlfriend"
Because she was looking forward to kissing him
Because he chased after her when she ran away
Because he texted her to wait... and she did!
Because "for such a small girl, you walk remarkably fast"
Because there so NOT a fling anymore
Because he likes to keep her informed and she likes to be informed --- they can be informed together!
Because their secret meetings are becoming a habit
Because she enjoys be ravaged by him in secret places
Because they're secret sex spies!
Because we'd KILL to find out what happened in the airport and church!
Because she believes they have a future together [if only there was a world without casey!]
Because he's a one-woman man --- and Rebecca can be that woman!
Because she may not want their cover blown, but he might
Because he can't pull off a lie with her
Because she kissed him on the nose --- and he liked it!
Because Rebecca smiled when she found out the party was at the KT house
Because Cappie stopped the guys from talking about his Rebecca
Because only Rebecca could get the ZBZs to party with the Kappa Taus
Because they make secret hand-holding ADORABLE!
Because he resisted casey's temptation
Because Rebecca was the girl he needed to find
Because Cappie couldn't wait to get Rebecca into the closet
Because secret sex is awesome, but cappie thinks real dating could be "awesome-er"
Because Rebecca wouldn't throw Cappie out of the closet
Because the senator's daughter and the slacker? talk about unrequited love!
Because he's scruffy and she's posh... opposites attract!
Because rebecca said "yes"
Because cappie thought the question she answered involved nudity
Because cappie can see when she has ulterior motives
Because her feelings for cappie have nothing to do with casey
Because cappie and casey may have a past, but him and rebecca have a future
Because she's the repunzel to his prince charming
Because when cappie said "dating", he meant rebecca
Because once they went public, they couldn't help but be adorable together!
Because she struped him
Because they're so serious that cappie had to break the news to beaver
Because, despite what everyone thinks, cappie sees the other side of rebecca
Because cappie told casey "we're done"
Because cappie still cares about rebecca despite casey's feelings for him
Because rebecca likes him for him
because they make alternate plans together
because bed love is amazing-er!
because he respects her right to choose
because it's not that he doesn't want to go with her, it's because he doesn't want to go to the dance
because even though his freshman ball ended badly, he made sure his girl's was one to remember
because cappie wants casey... to announce him to rebecca
because he may not like dancing, but he knows she does
because their hair touching is adorable!
because dancing in each other's arms never looked so good
because, even if his eyes wander, it always comes back to rebecca
because first she played proctor, then she played doctor!
because he may look disgusting, but we still love him!
because he could be her pirate
because she may not be casey, but she's still our girl!
because she'll brave against the germs for him... at least for a little while
because dressed down or dressed up, rebecca still looks great!
because what happens in cappie's room, stays in cappie's room
because rebecca made cappie a "one-woman man"
because she will never be casey and he doesn't expect her to be
because "who said you're invited?"
because she's his naughty, little girl!
because senator's daughter and free-spirit son? i smell star-crossed!
because hand-holding around campus = love
because it's totally parent-serious with cappie!
because even casey sees he likes her
because k-fed's an upstanding citizen... and so is cappie
because cappie wants rebecca's dad to like him
because rebecca needs a man she can really count on... and his name's cappie
because humiliating cappie was rebecca's biggest regret
because cheesaritos = rebecca's cry for help
because no cappie = depressed rebecca
because even ashleigh wants them to patch things up
because rebecca knows she's an idiot after what she did
because she came bearing gifts
because she knows his breakfast favorites
because cappie's the only one she confides in
because rebecca can only be vulnerable with cappie
because she thinks she "you know... maybe... very possibly..." cares about him
because then they kiss, the music stops
because when they're together, there's nothing else in the world
because rebecca's other plans? cappie.
because cappie swept rebecca off her feet, literally!
because rebecca's laugh is genuine with cappie
because "daddy's girl" just turned into "cappie's girl"
because rebecca as kappa tau coach? genius.
because cappie gets the guys to listen to her
because cappie is NOT whipped... unless he wants to be
because rebecca lets cappie do girl push-ups
because fuzzy navals are so... fuzzy
because rebecca and rusty are cappie's two favorite people
because cappie wants his favorites to like each other
because cappie knowns rebecca likes peppers and olives on her pizza
because he's seen her trip on the steps of the history building
because cappie really wanted rebecca
because rebecca wants cappie to maintain his stamina
because cappie's got enough stamina for her
because "role play" takes on a whole new meaning
because cappie has costumes ready in his closet
because cappie is rebecca's mr. purrrfect
because cappie knows rebecca more than he lets on
because cappie is totally anti-guy code... but he's not going to dump rebecca for the guys
because rebecca is cappie's only cheer squad
because cappie can drop it like it's hot... and we all know it's all for rebecca
because cappie's got something up his sleeve
because "what the hell was that?!"
because he lost the contest... to save their relationship
because she's "rebecca freakin' logan"
because cappie made sense and rebecca totally knew it
because rebecca OMG'd for cappie
because "please don't hit me!"
because cappie and rebecca don't care who wins... they're too busy kissing
because rebecca apologized to the KT boys... with pizza
because rebecca apologized to rusty for cappie
because even if rusty and rebecca are acquaintances, cappie still knows when to break things up
because "bye rebecca!" from the KT boys? awesome
because rebecca spends a lot of time at the kappa tau house these days
because shirtless cappie. nuff said.
because cappie DEMANDS satisfaction
because rebecca called casey out
because when it comes to ex and beccs... "i'm switzerland!"
because rebecca serves that humble pie!
because you haven't seen him naked
because "welcome to 40 minutes ago"
because "oh, not you, sweetie"
because that wasn't rebecca's... it was cappie's
because, despite everyone celebrating evan, rebecca clapped when cappie walked in
because rebecca parties with the kappa taus
because the water's hotter at the KT house
because rebecca chose Kappa Tau over Omega Chi
because cappie wants a party and beccs wants to bring him a one! great minds think alike!
because cappie's GOSSIP GIRL reference? gold.
because cappie called casey out about rebecca
because cappie SO wanted to see rebecca at his party!
becaise she looks hot and he looks oddly clean
because he may be clean, but it's only temporary
because when casey dragged cappie in the argument, he said no
because cappie doesn't want to be in the middle
because rebecca's not responsible for casey's love life
because, sooner or later, cappie has to choose
because hopefully he'll learn to swim for rebecca
because rebecca could be cappie's spring break bunny!
because spring break kisses are AWESOME
because the skies are VERY friendly
because rebecca puts his tray in the upright position
because he's walk on the beach for her no matter what casey says!
because their romance can be rowdy too
because cappie's ripped... or at least his shirt is
because the shirt TOTALLY works!
because rebecca is queen of the beach
because phone calls? not a good sign
because cappie's man enough to ride the banana boat for rebecca
because cappie wants rebecca's freshman spring break to be good!
because cappie will always see rebecca
because he wants to be her company
because he knows when something's wrong
because she can't let him see her cry
because cappie worries when she's not around
because rebecca's boobs are for cappie!
because drunk rebecca = never good
because he's not beneath her and she's not a spoiled daddy's girl
because they say things they don't really mean
because cappie took a punch for her
because we don't want a spring break-up!
because rebecca's words hurt him more than any punch could
because even though casey says she's a big girl, rebecca's not as strong as everyone things
because the c/c kiss breaks out c/r hearts!
because cappie would ditch breakfast [and casey] to be at rebecca's side
because cappie knew it was the right thing to find her
because we knew he's not gonna let her go
because when rebecca says "cappie", she regrets every word she said to him
because "it doesn't matter now"
because cappie would always be there for her
because when she's in his arms, everything will be okay
because cappie chose rebecca
because when the world comes crumbling down, the one you love will come around
because there's a beauty in her vulnerability
because they can rise above the pain of the past
because eventually they find their way back where they belong
because she built up a wall only cappie can break through
because we believe they still have their future!

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Greeklover2008 said…
some of these are good and some are just plain stupid and Cappie cared more about Casey than Rebecca he just knew he couldn't have casey