George, Izzie, Richard, Miranda, Alex, Cristina, Preston, Derek, Meredith
1. آپ could Re-watch Every Season Over And Over
2. آپ Watch Newer Episodes And Wish Old Characters Were Still There.
3. آپ Talk About The Characters Like آپ Know Them Personally
4. آپ Want To Get Married Via Post-It
5. آپ Watch The New Season && Try To Plan All The Different Ways It Could Go
6. آپ Got مزید Excited About Merediths Pregnancy Then She Did
7. آپ Say Every Character Is Your Favorite
8. آپ See The Characters In Other Shows && Refer To Them سے طرف کی There GREYS Name
9. آپ Try To Google All The Spoilers Cause آپ Dont Wanna Wait A Whole Week
10. آپ Feel Like Your Bestfriends Died When A Character Dies
11. When آپ Watch Old Episodes && See Izzie, George, Burke, Lexie, یا Mark && آپ Wish آپ Could See How Theyd Play Into It Now.
12. آپ Know What GSMH Stands For
13. آپ McName Everything In Your McLife
14. Compare Your دوستوں To The Cast
15. آپ Wanna Be A Surgeon Even Tho آپ Never Could Be.
April, Mark, Callie, Alex, Arizona, Lexie, Derek, Meredith, Richard, Christina,Owen, Miranda, Jackson, Teddy
April, Miranda, Alex, Owen, Meredith, Derek, Christina, Richard, Jackson, Callie, Arizona