No one had any idea what to expect when she revealed she was staying with him and splitting custody with Derek about their child. They hated her husband and wanted her with Derek. "McDreamy makes her happy! She was happier with him then she is with her husband!" کہا Cristina.
As clueless as people were, Meredith's pregnancy was the talk of the hospital. Everyone questioned why she was staying with him when she actually loved Derek. "$50 down that Shepherd convinces Meredith to leave her husband for him!" کہا Cristina.
"$100 down that not only does Meredith leave her husband but Shepherd leaves his wife!" کہا Alex.
Word spread that there was a bet going on and everyone joined in on the bet. Meredith decided that she needed to شامل میں on the bet. She was in for a shock when she spotted Shannon walking to Eric. "Get away from him, Shannon! I'm back together with Eric!" کہا Meredith.
Even though she wanted her marriage to work, she was still in love with Derek. Jealousy was what Derek had on his face as he saw his pregnant ex-girlfriend with her husband just like Meredith was jealous of Addison.
Meredith decided to have Derek شامل میں her to see their unborn child. "You کہا آپ loved me, Meredith! Why do آپ care about your husband's girlfriend?" wondered Derek.
Addison spotted this exchange between her husband and his pregnant girlfriend. Both of them decided to make their spouse's lover jealous. Shannon wanted Eric back but he was making his marriage to Meredith work. Meredith decided to have an ultrasound to see how many months she was at. She knew that she didn't want Addison as her doctor. "Derek? I have an appointment at 12:15 with Dr. Smith today!" کہا Meredith.
"Is he going with you?" asked Derek.
"No! It's our child!" کہا Meredith.
Burke and Richard were shocked as Derek کہا Meredith was his girlfriend even though they were married. "My girlfriend's pregnant with my son!" کہا Derek.
"Let's name our son after you, Derek!" کہا Meredith.
"Agreed!" کہا Derek.
"I'm pregnant with McDreamy Junior!" کہا Meredith.
Meredith's jealous husband hated that she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's baby. They asked her if she knew the gender and she کہا they did. "His name is Derek Christopher Shepherd Junior!" کہا Meredith.
Ellis had informed Meredith that she wanted to meet her latest grandchild. She planned to make Meredith realize she was in love with her boyfriend not her husband. Addison's attempts to have Derek request sole custody of his unborn son with Meredith failed. Eric's attempts to have Meredith request child support from her unborn son failed. "Mommy? Are آپ and Daddy splitting up?" asked Jason.
"No!" کہا Meredith.
Derek started to have dreams about being a family with Meredith and their son but he had to make Addison think he was over her. Meredith started to have dreams about being a family with Derek and their son but she had to make Eric think she was over him. Ellis planned to have Meredith realize she loved Derek. Ellis was not the only mother who hated her child's spouse.0 Together, Ellis Grey and Carolyn Shepherd planned to get Ellis's daughter Meredith back together with Carolyn's son Derek.
"I love you, Meredith Alexandra Grey!" کہا Derek in his sleep.