Grey's Anatomy Are آپ Still Remembered Dr. Addison Montgomery

mandy1988 posted on Aug 22, 2011 at 09:04AM
Are you still remembered the excellent obstetrics doctor Addison Montgomery? Do you still disappoint that she had left link? Do you curious Addison how to deal with her tragic life? Now, there is a spin-off of link named link which is focus on the Addison’s life after she left Seattle Grace! Addison had a divorce with her husband, found his lover Mark Sloan fall in love other girl and the new guy Alex was really an ass. When she wants to have a baby, there is another bad news that she can’t can pregnant. When she feel disappoint about the life, she went to link which started by her friends in LA. Want know how Addison get through this dark period of her life? Then, link will be your choice! From now on, link will come back in the autumn.

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