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Okay Guys! Here's your سیکنڈ "Cleo Sertori Style!" Post! This will explain how to act and feel like Cleo Sertori!! It will also give آپ your Ultimate Guide on how to look like Phoebe Tonkin (NOT Cleo Sertori [Although they're the same person, Phoebe -In real life- has a different style than Cleo Sertori] So there آپ are!) Enjoy my Posts on these! I work really hard on them! Please Comment, like it, and Message Me with any Suggestions یا Topics/Posts you'd like me to do for you!:) Thanks!

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How to Act like Cleo Sertori: A full & Ultimate Guide on how to Act like Cleo Sertori!

How to Feel like Cleo Sertori: A full & Ultimate Guide on how to Feel like you're Cleo Sertori!

How to look like Phoebe Tonkin! Step سے طرف کی Step N' Head To Toe!


Okay, so, have آپ achieved looking like Cleo Sertori and now, want to act like her? My مضمون is just for you, then! It will teach آپ lines to say (That she says) at different moments to act like her. It will also teach آپ common hand gestures that she does in sticky situations that آپ can do, too!


LINE 1. "I didn't ask for any of this to happen!" Say this line when: Something happens that آپ don't like, and آپ didn't ask to happen. Say it nervously, and worried.

LINE 2. "Ha! We did it!" Say this line when آپ did something you're proud of, and didn't think was going to happen! Say it happily and excitedly!

LINE 3. "Guys...We need to take things مزید seriously from now on!..." Say this line when your دوستوں are taking something not-so serious when really, it is.


(This اگلے part includes hand gestures and Cleo's Personality and Attitude!)


Cleo sometimes swings her arms back and forth when she's nervous.

Cleo sometimes, when she's thinking, becomes very stiff, and puffs her chest out a little.

When Cleo is angry یا serious about something, when talking, she'll put her tense her hand up and make various hand gestures around her face.


One of the things that Cleo is know for in H2O, is caring very much about her grades! Cleo, in one of the ep. later in Season 3, gets mad/frustrated at Bella, Rikki, and Will for not taking studying for the final exam seriously, when it really is.

Cleo is very caring. In one ep. later in Season 3 of H2O, she helped Lewis get a good grade on his project, and helped him out with it. She also brought him some food on a tray while he was working on his project. Cleo is also known for many other caring things, such as her مچھلی who had died in Season 1 of H2O, and she cared about him very much, to give him a funeral with her دوستوں Emma and Rikki, who both attended:)

Cleo is very fun-loving, and funny! Cleo is fun to be around (To a guy mainly [Such as Lewis] and is very loving and sweet, too!) and funny!

Cleo is very kind, although shy! Cleo is very kind, and doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings! She is also quite shy and awkward, too! She becomes مزید outgoing in Season 3 of H2O!


(This اگلے Section will tell آپ how to feel like you're Cleo Sertori!)

First off, don't just try to feel like Cleo Sertori. You, first have to look and act like her to feel like her. That's a requirement if آپ want to feel like you're in her position. Treat yourself with fun makeovers (To look like Cleo Of Course!), and do things آپ think Cleo would do, too!


Step 1. HAIR: First, start with hair. To get hair like Phoebe's right now, go get a haircut like her's! Find some pictures of Phoebe, and print them out and take them with آپ to the Salon! Ask your stylist for these things:

X THINNED HAIR: If your hair is thick and you'd like it thinned, ask your stylist to thin it! (Be sure to ask he/she if the ends of your hair will grow out dry and damaged, though!) If your hair is already thin, ask your stylist to Point-Cut the Ends of your hair, instead.

X LOTS O' LAYERS!: Ask your stylist for LOTS of layers! All over the place! Assue with your stylist, though, that you'll still be able to pull your hair back into a ponytail without any strands of hair falling out!

X TEXTURIZE, TEXTURIZE, TEXTUIZE!: I cannot stress that enough! Texturizing gives your hair a nice, "textury" feel, and look, like Phoebe's!

After you're finished with your cut, head to your local beauty supply store to pick up these things on the way home!:)

1) Renu Conditioner

2) Joico Shampoo

3) Argon Oil

Then, head home, take a shower, and use these products! Scrub your head (NOT with your nails! This can break the hair!) with your Joico Shampoo, then rinse. اگلے apply your Renu Conditioner (Most of it on the ends of your hair!), then lastly, get out of the shower, towel-dry your hair, then apply some Argon Oil to your hair! This will make your hair مزید manageable, soft, and silky! After your hair is dry, straighten it ("Chi" Straighteners work best!), then brush it out, and you're good to go! For hairstlyes, Phoebe usually has her hair down, in a pretty updo (A Bun), loose curls, یا in a ponyail!:)

STEP 2. MAKEUP: For Makeup, you'll need some black eyeliner, mascara, and gray/dark gray eyeshadow. You'll also need (For Lips), a pretty red, یا maroon coloured lipstick/lip product. Lastly, you'll need some acne scrubs and cleansers + some foundation, and light گلابی blush!:) You'll also need some dark brown eyeshadow (Optional) to contour the nose.


1) Take your ACNE SCRUBS and CLEANSERS and apply them nicely to the face. Then, apply FOUNDATION.

2) After that, apply your light گلابی BLUSH, right in the apples of your cheeks:)

3) When you're finished with blush, you'll be doing the EYES. Apply some of your black eyeliner to the corner of your eye, some of your gray یا dark gray eyeshadow to your eyelid, and lastly some mascara to your سب, سب سے اوپر lashes!:)

4) For LIPS, apply some of your lipstick (Maroon یا Red) to your lips and then, apply some clear یا light-pink gloss over سب, سب سے اوپر of that!:)

5) Now, we'll be working on the NOSE (Optional). To contour your nose, like Phoebe's just wet a brush, add some light یا dark brown eyeshadow to the brush, and outline the nose starting at the top, and moving out kind of wide when you're moving down. This finishes the Makeup!

WARDROBE: Phoebe wears lots of tank-tops, short-shorts, and beachy clothes (Considering she lives سے طرف کی a ساحل سمندر, بیچ in Australia). From Pictures I've seen, she seems to party alot! She also models! (See: How to be a Model, like Phoebe!) For shoes, Phoebe wears lots of flip-flops and high-heels! For Accessories, I've seen her wearing a بولر, گیند باز hat before, decorated masks, and cool bracelets!

PERSONALITY/ATTITUDE: Phoebe is very wild and free. Since she's a model, she's known as "Sexy." She also has a beautiful complexion, and likes to have ALOT of Fun with friends, and take pictures together!

HOW TO BE A MODEL LIKE PHOEBE: To be a model like Phoebe, look at her modeling pictures online, and find outfits similar to her's from the picture, and pose the same, with similar scenery! Send your pictures in to a modeling business, and they might accept آپ into the modeling career, like Phoebe!:)

I hope آپ enjoyed my Article! Comment!

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Cleo Sertori:)

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