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florence+the machine
seven devils
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“How are آپ holding up?” Bonnie carefully tried to make a conversation. Elena rewarded her with a furious don’t ask stupid سوالات look. “You know, I’ve been trying to communicate with the spirits. Maybe I can persuade them to help you”
“No, thank you. I think you’ve done enough already” Elena replied cold.
Bonnie looked down and thought about leaving for a second, but then lectured. No مزید running, no مزید hiding. It was time to own up to her mistakes.
“Elena” Bonnie started, looking up again. “There’s something I’ve wanted to tell آپ ever since I was released...
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Soulster Adele heeft de vijfde plaats op de ranglijst وین best verkochte platen veroverd voor de verkoop وین haar album '21'. Hiermee steekt ze Michael Jackson's album 'Thriller' voorbij, die naar de zesde plaats verdwijnt.

De zangeres is enorm blij met een verkoop die op 4,27 miljoen staat, in Groot-Brittannië alleen.
De rest وین de سب, سب سے اوپر vijf ziet er als volgt uit: Greatest Hits وین Queen op één, The Beatles met Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band op twee, Greatest Hits وین ABBA op drie en (What's The Story) Morning Glory? وین Oasis op vier. (Belga / KAV)
Katherine climbed out of the church and came face to face with someone she had rather not seen ever again.
“Hello, Katerina” Klaus said. “Have آپ missed me?”

Katherine stared at him, her eyes wet from fear. She didn’t notice the blond woman اگلے to Klaus.
“Please let me introduce آپ to my sister, Rebekah” he continued.
“Why are آپ here? Why have آپ come back?” Katherine asked shaking.
“Oh, haven’t آپ heard? Elena’s blood is the key to making hybrids” Klaus explained. He pulled Katherine against him. “And now that you’ve become such good دوستوں with her you...
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De actrice vond het moeilijk om naar de 3D-versie وین Titanic te kijken en heeft dan ook maar 17 minuten gezien.

"Ik zei: ben ik dat en oh mijn God, laat het ophouden", zegt de 36-jarige actrice tegen de Amerikaanse krant USA Today. "Ik was nog niet zo'n goede actrice. Het is vijftien jaar geleden, ik weet nu veel meer dan toen." De Britse actrice vindt het maar een gek idee dat de film uit 1997 opnieuw uitkomt. "Ik vind het echt een beetje raar. Titanic gaat opnieuw beroemd worden."
Hoewel ze zichzelf niet graag uit het scherm ziet spatten, vindt ze de versie wel erg mooi. Haar tegenspeler...
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DE song :) Elena is already in love with Damon and she's even willing to give her life for him.

Will آپ speak to me
Like it’s the last time you’ll ever use your voice
Will آپ look at me
Like آپ could turn blind the moment آپ look away
Will آپ haunt me
As soon as I lay my head down
Will آپ feed on me
Just to stay with me another day

‘Cause I’ll gladly bring the sacrifice
If it keeps آپ with me tonight

I’d cut my throat, I’d cut my wrist
If it helps آپ to exist
As آپ get stronger, I get weaker
But I’m willing to die
‘Cause without آپ I’ve no destiny
So آپ can feed on me
Take the...
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david tennant
john barrowman
catherine tate
the ballad of russell and julie
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Cas opened the buttons on Frederik’s shirt. He placed the sword against the right side of his chest.
“Let’s play a game” he whispered. “I’ll call it the pot calling the kettle black” He pierced the point of the sword into Frederik’s flesh and started forming a letter. “You thought I did something. I was found innocent. The so-called victim clearly stated I did not do what آپ accuse me off. And yet آپ believed I was guilty and so آپ took matters in own hands. آپ punished me for my crime” He put the letter on the cabinet and started a new letter. “And now I’ll punish...
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buffy the vampire slayer
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It was close to midnight and Zoey had buried Daphne’s body in the garden. She hadn’t meant to shoot Dean Winchester, but if he was dead, all the better for her. The less people that were in her and Cas’ way, the better.
Of course it would take Cas some time to forgive her, but their love would survive it. She hadn’t want to kill her sister, either, but there simply was no other way. Zoey was certain that wherever Daphne was now, she would understand. Daphne was at piece. She was with Martin, the most important person in her life.
And Zoey would be with Cas and then they would raise...
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Damon walked through the aisles of the hospital when he bumped into someone.
“Aaah, hot coffee” Bonnie groaned. She had two paper cups of coffee in her hand, only now there was not much left of it.
“What are آپ doing here?”
“I wanted to see how Elena’s doing. Caroline کہا she wasn’t feeling very well and then Jeremy told me آپ brought her here” Bonnie explained a little out of breath. “I thought she might like some coffee, but actually I’m not sure she’s allowed to drink it. Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore”
“No, I mean, what are آپ doing here?”...
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Olivia switched off the lights and walked outside. She walked around the house and opened the shutters to a shelter. She jumped inside and wanted to chain herself up, when she heard the phone ring.
“Are آپ serious?” Olivia groaned. She dropped the chains and ran back inside the house. “What?” she کہا مزید hostile than she intended.
“Olivia? You’re speaking with Rachel Lindy” Rachel answered.
“Rachel” Olivia replied slowly. “Where have آپ been? I’d expected to hear from آپ months ago. How’s my daughter doing?”
Rachel closed her eyes, trying to find the right words...
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Dean carried Cas to the entrance, where Zoey blocked their way.
“You’re not going anywhere” she said.
“Right, because you’re going to stop me” Dean کہا sarcastic. He pushed Zoey away and walked further to the entrance.
Zoey jumped his back. She tugged his hair and scratched his face.
Dean lay Cas down as careful as possible. He grabbed Zoey’s hair and pulled her off. He smacked her on the ground and kicked her wherever he could.
“I think you’re losing your angel juju” Dean said.
Zoey crawled towards Cas. She grabbed his کالر and dragged him away, closer to the edge of the holy circle.
“What are آپ doing?” Dean asked scared.
He got his answer as Zoey emptied a few bottled of alcohol she had kept their in stock. She conjured a lighter and smiled evil at Dean.
“No!” Dean shouted, but Zoey dropped the lighter and caused another fire.
Hearing room 2
Paul مورگن was sitting at the ڈیسک looking at Meg who shot provoking looks back.
“Meg Masters” he کہا soft. “What were آپ doing in Mr. and Mrs. Allen’s house?”
“Looking for cookies” Meg answered with a smirk.
“You couldn’t go to the store?” Paul asked frowning.
“No, I’m kind of broke” Meg said. “I would have to steal them. Besides, I knew it would piss off Daphne and that’s basically why I did. Mrs. Allen doesn’t like me very much, آپ see”
Paul nodded. “That wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you’ve been trying to get-forgive...
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