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پیپر وال
کدو, لوکی
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This Halloween پیپر وال contains جیک اے لالٹین, jack o' lantern, and لالٹین ژ جیک.

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This is a Halloween tradition from my husband's family that we started doing with our kids. It is fun for kids and adults alike. It is neat for the childeren to watch the fog from the dry ice pour over the side of the jug. I added a video of what it looks like to the video section if آپ want to check it out!

What آپ Need
2 oz of Root بیئر concentrate
5 Lbs of Sugar
5 Gallons of Cold Water
15 Lbs of Dry Ice
5 Gallon Jug with a lid

How To Make It
Start سے طرف کی putting your jug in the sink. Then add the sugar and root بیئر concentrate into the 5 gallon jug. Then fill the jug up the rest of the way with...
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