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 The Big 18
The Big 18
My surprising birthday is today December 22,2008. Can't wait, it was shock for me to realize that I am 18 years old that is now an adult not a teenage anymore. Love being oldest in my family, just me and my youngest brother who is 16,FYI a "Fanpop User jim563" but will being turning 17 on February 15, 2009 right after "Valentines Day".

My whole family is wierd with birthdays near on Holidays like..Me whose a December and Christmas Baby LOL.Love the attention in my family. My parents are worried about me turning the big 18 but they trust me that I would never make bad choices. I'm a precious...
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NOTE: This story was written for a good friend of mine as a birthday gift. I just wanted to clear this for those who are wondering. Enjoy.

Deep within hyperspace, an entire universe lies within. The origins behind it are clearly unknown. Scientific research however dictates that it was created years پہلے when two galaxies collided together. A possible theory, it would be impossible as something like that could never create it. Till this day, the جوابات behind the origins of this universe have yet to solve. Different planets lie within this new universe along with many different cultures that...
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NOTE: This story was written as a gift for a friend. I wanted to let آپ guys know on this. Please enjoy.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a small village out in the open meadow and was circled سے طرف کی the tallest mountains in all the land. Although she was a princess, many felt bad for only one reason- because she lived in a very small, old cottage when she would be living in a large, great castle. The problem was that castles didn’t exist yet. Despite this issue, it didn’t bother the princess at all as she was very happy. Although the village was rich and peaceful,...
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عملی حکمت
NOTE: This story is a gift for a friend of mine. I wanted to keep this in mind for آپ all who are wondering. Please enjoy.

Once upon a time there was a tiny Torchic. This particular Torchic was very weak and had little to no experience in defending itself. Because of this, it was always picked on and attacked سے طرف کی other Pokemon. Everywhere the little Torchic went; there were other Pokemon teasing it. Despite all of this, the Torchic always stood strong- یا at lease it tried. Even when it was attacked, it would never go down. But despite all of the attempts it failed at being tough. The Torchic’s...
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posted by IsabellaAzuria
 Happy Birthday my love *-*
Happy Birthday my love *-*
I wish آپ the happiest birthday ever, Mário, I love آپ so much and آپ deseve the greatest happiness possible.
For being a good son to your parents.
For being a good brother to your sister.
For being the best of دوستوں to Vitor.
For being a great friend to most پرستار poppers.
For being beautiful inside and out.
For being yourself which means amazing.
And last but not least.
For saving my life.
For being the most awesome boyfriend to me.
The love of my life.
My soul mate
My one and only
My sunshine
My everything.
Happy Birthday to you!!!
To the best of the best <333
 I love آپ sooo much *-*
I love you sooo much *-*
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18!! OMG 18!!! 0.0 that's a number! it's midnight in Portugal so haaappy birthday Vitor!!!

Happy Birthday Vitor!

Warmth and peace
A long life
A دل full of sunshine
To start your days with a laugh
Happiness about little things
Your life to go well
These are my wishes for you

Enjoy every گھنٹہ
Never forget who آپ are
Be clever and don't let people fool you
Good luck for another سال in your life!

Let this دن be full of joy

Your "sister" Vanessa
*biiig hug*
 And hopefully a lot of مزید days :P
And hopefully a lot of more days :P
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NOTE: The following story was written as a birthday gift for a good friend of mine. I wanted to inform this for those who are curious. Enjoy.

In ancient times, knights and magical warriors have conquered and ruled lands beyond the acre points. As they continued plowing through them the creatures and natives that once called ہوم were either killed یا banished to go elsewhere. Mostly, killing was plentiful rather than spearing lives. It was the code that many lived by- if آپ want to rule something آپ have to kill those to gain it.

Out of the countless magic warriors that ruled these great...
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Note from the author: I want to notify that the following is a fan-made story written only سے طرف کی me. The characters, Abigail and Kiko, belong to their respective creators- Nerdbuster2 and NamelessBastard. Kasey is the only character that belongs to me and the entire story. Please support this release and enjoy. <3

In the big city that is Tokyo, the streets were packed with pedestrians. The entire city was lit in a کرن, رے of colors- ranging from the tallest buildings to the small market places. Everywhere within the limits was peaceful and average.

However, hidden among the darkness from an alley,...
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