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 Hermione and Harry
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hermione and harry
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Hermione:Harry of course I'll go out with you!
Harry:ok I have to go back to my room it's late.
Hermione:k love آپ Harry.
Harry:love آپ to hermione.
In the boys room.
Ron:I hear that آپ and hermione are an item now huh.
Harry:yea so what do آپ care.
Ron:what do I care!I care that's my girl.
Harry:no it's not آپ broke up with her.
Ron:I was going to apolegize when I over heard that آپ ask her out.
Harry just go to bed.
The اگلے morning
Hermione:hey Harry.
Harry:hey hermione how did آپ sleep.
Hermione:good you.
Harry:I slept perfect because I was dreaming with you.
Harry:so what class do...
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Ron:what do آپ want to tell me that آپ and harry are going to makeout huh.
Hermione:huh huh (tears running down her her cheeks)
Ron:hermione don't cry but if آپ are then I have to tell آپ something I like lavender so I'm breaking up with آپ for lavender sorry.
Hermione:huh sniff آپ know what Ron fine I don't care just leave.
Ron walks away
In the boys room
Harry:I hope hermione and Ron are okay
Slam huh can't believe him
Harry:Ohooh I know that voice.
Harry enters the girls room
Harry:hello anyone here I heard someone come in.
Hermione:oh (huh)sniff...
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posted by anubisfan1
Harry:Ron it's not what it looks like.
Ron:Really it looks like آپ and hermione were kissing?
Harry : Then it's exactly what it looks like.
Hermione:Ron calm down.
Ron:calm down how can I how would آپ like it if I kissed your best friend lavender.
Hermione's thoughts:then right in front of me Ron kissed lavender and right there my دل broke.As I ran up to my بستر I could hear Harry coming up so I turn around and hug him...
Harry:Hermione it's ok don't worry he will forget about this in the morning and say I am sorry.
Hermione:Harry آپ always know what to say.
Hermione's thoughts: then after he let go I gave him a smile and slapped him and that's for kissing me.
Harry:I had that coming didn't I.
Harry's dream:Harry who is it then I Leand at her and kissed her but she leand back and told me what was I doing.
Hermione's dream:all I was dreaming was that Harry was in the coman room and I went up to him and I kissed him.
The اگلے morning
Hermione:hey Ron .
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This is an مضمون supporting all Harry-Hermione شائقین that I wanted to write. An مضمون supporting the Harry-Hermione ship.Thanks to Amber as I took some good points out of her مضمون “Is our ship Sunken”. I dedicate this مضمون to all the Harmony supporters who tirelessly defend Harmony is every possible way. And a special dedication to my Harmony besties over here – OnlyHarmioneHJP and Tasha!

“JKR has decided Romione and Harinny as end game.”
“Harry and Hermione are never gonna be.”
“Harmony shippers are delusional.”
“It is already decided.”
“The subject is closed.”...
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