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95 Reasons Why Twilight Sucks
Opinion سے طرف کی BedIntruder گیا کیا پوسٹ 4 hours پہلے

1. Bella is a perfect character (“Mary Sue”), which Meyer hides سے طرف کی calling her clumsy.
2. Being clumsy is not a flaw if Edward always catches her.
3. She can’t do anything without Edward.
4. And when he leaves she attempts to commit suicide.
5. Meyer is living out her own fantasies سے طرف کی writing about Bella, who is clearly herself.
6. The کتابیں aren’t well written, just because every other word is a fancy adjective doesn’t make it good writing.
7. All the rules Meyer sets for being a vampire are broken سے طرف کی the end of the...
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posted by june13
were are آپ harry asked ron over here can't آپ see me am right in front of you.
no i cant see آپ it's so drak a cat even could not see in here.

hah ron very funny, lets try to find a light swicht for آپ can see.
ron i found one. well then turn it one then
i am don't worry

boo am going to suck your owls blood.
right then the sun came toungt the window and then edward begin to spark

look harry this vamiper sparks how sad is that.

ron is he waring girls cothing
yay i think he is

no am not but am in love with a human girl

harry and ron at the same time laghed them selfed silly

and that's the end of this fine story
posted by PygmyPuff14
Okay, firstly, I’ve no intention of hurting the Twilight شائقین here. I’m just a fiercely opinionated person, and some of the things I say might end up sounding rude. So please keep in mind that I really don’t mean anything rude that I might say in the article. Read on :)

Many people say that Twilight is well written. When I ask the کہا people why they think so, most of them invariably refer to the “big words” in Twilight.
Now, if using big words makes a book good, an ape with a thesaurus can write a completely fabulous novel. Sadly, this isn’t the case: the poor apes are doomed for...
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So I am reading reasons as to why Twilight شائقین think Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I just want to make it clear; there is a big difference between liking one series better than another, and one series actually being better than another. I also want to reply to some of the مزید common ones I've seen.

"Twilight has مزید love!"
Okay, Twilight does not have مزید love than Harry Potter سے طرف کی any means. Twilight has a lot of obsessive lust, which is often mistaken for love, but they are quite different.

Why is their relationship lust? Why isn't it love?

Well, what do Bella and Edward do together?...
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posted by ryomaidol
My cousin says we, Harry Potter شائقین are insecure about this ranting. How should I respond to this?!

(I HAVE TAKEN THINGS FROM OTHER مضامین HERE, sorry if used without permission)


Kjerrimyr リョーマ Andres: says Twilight ang pasimuno ng mga JEJEMON (ANGRY) (Twilight started the Jejemon movement)
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** ******: weh? PROVE IT!!!
41 منٹ پہلے ·

Kjerrimyr リョーマ Andres: link wahahahah
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** ******: duh! nonsense!
23 منٹ پہلے ·

Kjerrimyr リョーマ Andres: haha Twilighters...
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Alright everybody! I've been going around this spot a lot, and I have seen many people giving the same points over the series they like, over, and over again and never come out with something fresh and new. I have also seen that some people had made very rude تبصرے on other user's posts(questions, فورم entries, pictures, etc), and those rude تبصرے end up in arguements, user's being flagged, and other things. I personally believe we should stop giving the same opinions and posting rude تبصرہ in order to defend your side.

First of all, don't post the same facts and opinions! Here's an...
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