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Although I hate to admit it, it ought to be put into two different movies, much like the way Peter Jackson put content from the Two Towers into The Return Of The King.

It would mean that we'd get a much better movie than that last one which was like watching a car crash. (I had to look away.) The scenes look great, but we never get to see the events یا hear the lines before being wisked away to see another set and be deaf to another set of lines we ought to hear.

I really don't want that to happen again, because lets face it, it sucks. Thus, two فلمیں would be better. The first three فلمیں (which are short books, یا at least shorter than the rest of the series) were great. Then when the director started on the fourth (which is a large book) things started to slip through. Things were left forgotten which should have never been forgotten. (Notably the fact that Dumbledore would have NEVER thought Harry had really put his name in the cup.)

Conclusion: If the book (content) the director is dealing with is shorter, the فلمیں are better.

So, I think that if they divide Deathly Hallows (I don't how where یا how) it would make a better movie. Although it would mean waiting another year, it might just mean a better movie.

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