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As I did with my مضمون like this in the Once spot, Imma do state the song name and pull lyrics from each song that just really remind me Bellatrix and how کہا lyric reminds me of her. For once the فہرست actually is in order from what I think suits her most to least.

1. Be My Friend سے طرف کی One Eye'd Doll: The مجموعی طور پر story of the song talks of a serial killer who doesn't understand why she can't seem to make friends. The chorus goes as the following; Serial killers are people too if آپ take away the voices I'm just like آپ I'll hack آپ up and bury آپ in my yard but why does making دوستوں have to be so very hard? Oh my God, I don't even know where to begin lol. This song is just so wonderfully offensive...just like Bellatrix herself. So right off the bat and bluntly stated is 'serial killers are people too'. Bella it definitely fits there. And then there's the talk of the murder followed right سے طرف کی 'why don't I have any friends'. That just sounds like Bella to me. Murdering someone with her creepy childish delight. I can just see Bellatrix pondering something like this. Now the other lyrics are a bit مزید specific and kindof tell a specific story. They go as so; I met a cute boy, he liked my smile we fell in love for a little while he kissed me on the lips and it tasted sweet so I chopped him into pieces and cooked his meat. As I کہا this is a مزید specific example of a musical murder. Bella obviously hasn't done this (that's Greyback's job). But if آپ replace this morbid crime with references to her burning the burrow and running around chanting about how she killed Sirius, it fits. I use this example because as Kimberly Freeman (the lead vocalist) tries to make the above lyric sound twistedly romantic like how Bella thinks of Harry chasing her around as a fun game. Also this lyric reminds me of Nellie Lovett who is also played سے طرف کی Helena. And then there's this line There's a girl across the سٹریٹ, گلی from me I buried her son beneath a درخت I don't know why she's mad at me. Replace 'girl' with 'boy' and 'son' with 'god father' and then take out the specifics of the burial and it fits like a morbid glove.
On سب, سب سے اوپر of that Kimberly Freeman sings the entire song in a very cutsey kiddish voice.

2. Harley Quinn سے طرف کی Anna Murphy: obviously this song is a tribute to Harley Quinn. But I've always seen she and Bella as very similar characters so I think this song fits her wonderfully. Mad love... This is mad love. Mad love... Real mean love. This is the first line and of course right away it reminds me of her as it addresses right off the bat, the toxicity of the relationship--be it between the Joker and Harley یا Bella and Voldy.Now put on me a smile! I'm your lady, I'm crazy. Again آپ can tell this song is a tribute to Harley Quinn. But again, it also sounds a lot like Bella with her demented smiles as she tortures people. And سے طرف کی all means, she's one crazy bitch. All sense gone, I never thought I'd kill someone, آپ see, I really try but now maybe I'm crazy. This set of lyrics truly reminds me of how Bellatrix is literally madly in love with Voldemort. Perhaps, once upon a time, a younger Bella never thought she could kill someone and then low and behold she did it for Voldy. No less she's killed people for him and is a clean cut example of "you see I really try". And again there's the "maybe I'm crazy", but with Bella it isn't even a maybe. Hopelessly in love
That is bringing me down.
Just another line that reminds me of she and Voldemort. I mean I can't imagine that he uplifts her in anyway really. He brings out the worst in her and I can't imagine that he treats her any nicer than he does anyone else.The last set of lyrics that remind me of Bellatrix (before the repetition of گزشتہ lines) are; Let's dress up and go for a ride, I'm all yours, I'll be your partner in crime. And once مزید we see how the song relates to the person it is tributed too. But of course I see Bella in it--I mean here I can pretty much picture Bella putting on her dark چادر, فرغل and her death eater mask, ready to hunt down some muggles. And naturally she is Voldemort's partner in crime.

3. In The Sun سے طرف کی Mortal Love: This is a very short song. And it's another one that reminds me of Bellamort. I feel like I am dirt to you, آپ hate me cause I love آپ just tell me why I'm so low to آپ didn't I mean anything. Already the first lines kind of remind me of the dynamic of their relationship. Let's be honest I feel like Bella probably creeped Voldy out to some degree with her obsessive love. And I feel like, at the end of the day, he treated her like dirt just as he treated everyone else. With scenes like the one where he pushes her over I think it's pretty clear that at points she was pretty low to him and felt like she didn't mean anything to him. Especially since she spent 15 years in Azkaban for him and still got no love in return. Your happiness is my sorrow my sorrow is my way. Once again, in dedicating herself fully to Voldemort, Bellatrix is pretty much making herself hurt. Sure she acts all happy and gleeful but how much of that is an illusion to mask pain. And even if she doesn't realize it, making Voldemort happy ends up bringing her a degree of sorrow. And that kind of pain has become a way of life for her. And lastly are the following lyrics; Does it make آپ happy to see me sad to break my دل and leave. Most obviously I relate this to Bellatrix because he never really can love her and it pretty much breaks her heart.

4. I Use My Powers For Evil سے طرف کی Lesbian Death Bed: This song is very interesting to say the least and it's very straight forward. I can make a difference, I can change the world, but I have made my choice. I could help the helpless, become a force for justice, but I don't really care. This is definitely Bellatrix alright. I mean yeah she is making a difference...but not in a good way lol. سے طرف کی all means with her abilities she could very well help a good many people and with her insight on Voldemort if she had chose to, she could have been a force for justice. But, ya know, she doesn't really care. I use my powers for evil, I use them any way I want, I use them any way I please. it's futile to resist me. I mean is this not Bellatrix!? She uses her powers to kill people like Sirius and to torture people like the Longbottoms and Hermione. That's hella evil alright. In the فلمیں she uses them to smash the great hall's windows and set Hagrid's hut aflame--that's clearly using her powers in any way she wants and pleases. سے طرف کی all means most people do struggle to resist her as well--Hermione, the brightest witch of her age--wasn't able to best Bella. آپ could say her efforts were futile. Lastly before the chorus repeats itself are the lines;I've got my own agenda, I've got much better things to do, I just don't care at all about you. The Bellatrix is strong in this one. (Okay so this can really apply to Voldemort too.) But let's be honest Bellatrix feels like she has much better things to do than help muggles.Granted those better things include following Voldemort around and doing what he asks of her. But she seems to enjoy that for the most part. Needless to say she doesn't care about anyone else's problems really--minus maybe Cissy's.

5. Take The Pill سے طرف کی Emilie Autumn: Now this song doesn't remind me lyrically of Bellatrix so much as it does thematically. The song is, in essence, about being locked away in an asylum. Naturally that reminds me of Bellatrix in Azkaban. Just be careful what آپ say...today could be your day. آپ no longer rule your body آپ no longer own those rights. I associate this bit with Bella's Azkaban experience because very clearly she was bound in chains and really didn't have any rights to her own body. She was pretty much property of Azkaban. Enjoy your stay...cause آپ can't run away...get back in line. These lyrics remind me even مزید of her simply because Azkaban was known for being inescapable and its inmates were sent in there knowing that very well. Take the pill that's f***ing with your mind that's all آپ have to lose
Ha... that's funny...
This is the last part the directly reminds me of Bella. Seeing as Azkaban screws with the mind of its inmates. The irony comes in, in knowing that Bellatrix was already unhinged prior to going into Azkaban.

So those were five of many songs that remind me of Bellatrix in some way یا another. If آپ have a song that reminds آپ of her, feel free to drop it in the comments.
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