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posted by cupcakeimissyou
YES! another. :3

I am a پرستار of LOTR and HP.!
this is not an 1000 reasons why. so. dont go into that. annoying habit
and before we go into Gandalf was a God. I dont think he was according to wiki.!

but lets get to it! Who do آپ think would WIN?!

I know they come from two totally different background but COME ON why not have a little fun

Even though I think Gandalf is SOO awesome I am team Dumbledore! why?

because fact Dumbledore vs. Gandalf the Grey! hands down Dumbledore no thought to it.!

now Gandalf the White and Dumbledore I think it would be a LONG EPIC BEAUTIFUL! battle
but I STILL think dumbledore would win! what do آپ guys think i'm not going to go into detail just YET about WHY i want to respond to آپ guys responses and etc. so yeah!
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