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Favorite Quotes سے طرف کی Draco Malfoy

"Well, I can certainly see why we're trying to keep them alive. Who wouldn't want pets that can burn, sting, and bite all at once?"


"Longbottom, if brains were gold, you'd be poorer than Weasley, and that's saying something."


"Oh how silly we�ve been!" Malfoy sneered. "We should have stroked them! Why didn�t we guess?"
"I-I thought they were funny," Hagrid کہا uncertainly to Hermione.
"Oh tremendously funny!" کہا Malfoy. "Really witty, giving us کتابیں that...
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Were Sirius Black somehow capable of getting some short and other very, very long messages to certain people at the moment he died, this is what he would have said.
To Hermione Granger: I am forever grateful for your intelligence and courage. I truly and literally owe آپ my soul.
To Ron Weasley: I’m still really sorry I had to break your leg. It was necessary. I’m sure آپ understand.
To Peter Pettigrew: I will find آپ in Hell someday. آپ mark my words.
To Molly Weasley: For all of our differences, آپ are the closest thing to a mother Harry has ever known. I know آپ will take good care...
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[edit] A
Mrs Abbott – Mother of Hannah Abbott, killed سے طرف کی Death Eaters
Hannah Abbott – Hufflepuff student in Harry Potter's year, member of Dumbledore's Army, later the landlady of the Leaky Cauldron and wife of Neville Longbottom.[1] She is portrayed سے طرف کی شارلٹ Skeoch in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Euan Abercrombie – Gryffindor student who enters Hogwarts in Harry's fifth year
Stewart Ackerley – Ravenclaw student who enters Hogwarts in Harry's fourth year
Falco Aesalon – Ancient Greek wizard, first known Animagus
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 Pusging the trolley through the دیوار at Platform 9 34
Pusging the trolley through the wall at Platform 9 34
Climb aboard as we take آپ on a two گھنٹہ bus tour to some of the London locations used in the Harry Potter فلمیں including sites from the latest film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Learn how the films were made, discuss the کتابیں and get trivia about the magical world of J.K.Rowling’s boy wizard. Along the way you’ll have the chance to get off the bus, take pictures and see the locations up close.

Feel free to dress up as Harry Potter یا any other character in the series, (only if آپ want to). Keep your wits about آپ as we’ll test your knowledge on the world of the boy wizard...
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Finally, the truth. Lying with his face pressed into the dusty carpet of the office where he had once thought he was learning the secrets of victory, Harry understood at last that he was not supposed to survive. His job was to walk calmly into the Death's welcoming arms. Along the way, he was to dispose of Voldemort's remaining لنکس to life, so that when at last he flung himself across Voldemort's path, and did not raise a wand to defend himself, the end would be clean, and the job that ought to have been done in Godric's Hollow would be finished: neither would live, neither could survive....
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