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This Harry Potter تصویر might contain محل, قلعہ, and chateau.

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I don't consider the Harry Potter Wiki as reliable. Because according to its canon policy: if Rowling hasn't specifically denied something about a film in the کتابیں یا in other words, whatever the films say is to be first and foremost promoted in the مضامین as a canon fact instead of the books' facts.

In my logic it should be the other way around. That the books' canon should be promoted first and foremost - exactly becasuse the کتابیں are the tier 1 canon and the فلمیں only the tier 2 یا 3 even - and because we can not be sure what about the films are from Rowling's hints and what are just...
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Ok im going to type this off the سب, سب سے اوپر of my head so if its bad don't have a hissy fit!!:P
I always wonder what would happen if Sirius didn't die so here goes nothing!!

It all happend so quickly.Harry was helping Nevile up when Harry saw Sirius and Bellatrix Lestrange.
She was winning laughing as ahe threw spells at him he faught back but was weak.Then she hit him with crucio.It hit him in the chest and he started to fall backwards into the arch way Lupin,Tonks,Mad eye and a few others all ran with Harry to stop Sirius falling his head and chest where in the archway but آپ couldn't them at the...
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