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1) Scream and shriek loudly and tell them you're speaking Mermish.
2) Always speak in a British accent (if you're not from the UK)
3) Relate everything they say to the Harry Potter کتابیں & movies.
4) Crowd their باکس ان with HP-related emails, and make sure the subject are misleading.
5) Give them Harry Potter merchandise for their birthday and demand they treasure it forever.
6) Pretend آپ can do magic.
7) Yell "Crucio!" یا "Avada Kedavra!" if they insult Harry Potter.
8) If you're late for something, blame it on your broken Time Turner.
9) Sort every person آپ meet into one of the Hogwarts houses....
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From the first tine I saw her (Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix) I was really interested in Luna. As مزید کتابیں were published she became one of my پسندیدہ characters in the HP series.
Luna Lovegood one سال younger than Harry Potter, which means she was born in 1982. She is in the Ravenclaw house, which is known for intelligent and creative students.
Her appearance isn't neat at all! She has got straight, long, dirty blond hair and she permanently has an absent-minded look in her blue eyes. Even thought in Hogwarts all students have to wear a uniform, she usually distinguish herself...
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Doing pokemonfan909 request since i love Drarry personally and i have written things about them before :)

"Harry, we have to get back to our common room, it's almost curfew!" Hermione told harry, who was staring off into the distance of the library.
"O-oh..yeah, right. Forgot." He mumbled standing up and walking out of the لائبریری with Hermione and Ron.
As the three walked down the hall, Hermione was going on and on about homework and how she got hers all done. She was also saying that she wished she had مزید since she had nothing to do in her free time.

Harry wasn't even listening. He was spacing...
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