Harry Potter Out of my favourites and least favourites, what do آپ مزید agree with?

Pick one:
My سب, سب سے اوپر 2 favourite(characters): Weasley twins!
Least favourite(characters): Ginny, Lavender, Cho!
Favourite couples: Romione, Tonks\Lupin, Harry\Luna, James\Lily and Bill\Fleur!
Least favourite couples: Hinny, Harmony, Dramione, Ron\Lavender
Favourite actor young cast: Rupert Grint!
Least favourite actor young cast: Domhnall Gleeson!
Favourite actress young cast: Emma Watson!
Least favourite actress young cast: Bonnie Wright!
Favourite actor older cast: Alan Rickman!
Least favourite actor older cast: Michael Gambon!
Favourite actress older cast: Helena Bonham Carter!
Least favourite actress older cast: Imelda Stauton
Favourite books: DH, GOF, HBP, OOTP!
Least favourite book: COS(I love all thought!)
Favourite movie: DH part I!
Least favourite movie: OOTP!
Favourite sad scenes in DH: Obliviate and Dobby's death :( !
Favourite scary scene in DH: Bathilda Bagshot!
Favourite love scenes: Romione ones! :)
Favourite teacher: Snape and McGonagall!
Least favourite teacher: Sprout!
Favourite bad characters: Bella and Scabior!
Favourite house: Gryffindor!
Favourite friendship: Trio!
Favourite animal: Buckbeak!
Least favourite animal: Fluffy!
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