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This Harry Styles تصویر contains پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ.

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Now آپ were standing there right in front of me
I hold on scared and harder to breathe
All of a sudden these lights are blinding me
I never notice how bright they would be

I saw in the corner there is a photograph
No doubt in my mind it's a picture of you
It lies there alone in its بستر of broken glass
This بستر was never made for two

I'll keep my eyes wide open
I'll keep my arms wide open

Don't let me
Don't let me
Don't let me go
Cause I'm tired of feeling alone

Don't let me
Don't let me
Don't let me go
Cause I'm tired of feeling alone
I promise one دن that I'd bring آپ back a star
I caught one and it...
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 In for the smooch. Harry snogs Emma Ostilly
In for the smooch. Harry snogs Emma Ostilly
Its thought Harry 18,First met Emma when she starred in the bands video for one directions سیکنڈ single gotta be you. one directions harry styles has enjoyed 2 romantic-late, night dates with an- american model. On Thursday the سٹار, ستارہ took Emma Ostilly out on the time before giving her a goodnight kiss on her doorstep at 1;20 am. And last night the blounde beauty 18,sneaked into the boy bands hotel after a ٹمٹم, gig, لٹو in new zealend. An onlooker who saw harry and emma in one of the citys bars said; they really seemed to have a connection and only had eyes for each other. Harrys budding new romance comes...
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