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posted by tyshawna1
Theres alot of people that love and then there's people that would kill to be آپ because آپ have something they want یا something they love. That's why people go around killing people becuase they want to be آپ یا they are so jealous of آپ that they want آپ gone یا to disappear. Because people are crazy and stupid that they go around fucking there life up over somebody else because they dont have nothing better to do. They want to fuck there life up. Just because they are haters یا jealous. That's the shit i dont like. I would never fucked my life up over somebody else. Becuase love my life and i love myself مزید then anything. So I wouldn't ever fuck that up for anybody. Also that's how i roll. if آپ dont like it. Fuck آپ becuase your just a fucking hater and آپ want to be me. So dont hate. appraite it.