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Li_Le کہا …
The nominees for the MTV EMA 2011 were announced, and Paramore got one nomination in the new award, BIGGEST FANS. Are we, the Paramore fans, the biggest fans? To know it, vote every دن until Nov 6th.

here's the link ..
link گیا کیا پوسٹ پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
IsabellaMCullen کہا …
Neil - آپ inspire me and I love you, my prince. [Josh NEIL Farro
Nichole W. - experiencing life with آپ is the greatest gift. Thank آپ for being who آپ are, I love you. [Hayley NICHOLE Williams.]

Trust me, it's not a coincidence♥ گیا کیا پوسٹ پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
halloula شدہ تبصرہ…
Aww♥ Bree :) they are meant to be :) پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
IsabellaMCullen شدہ تبصرہ…
They were...:( پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
IsabellaMCullen کہا …
Random person to Hayley: TAKE YOUR شرٹ, قمیض OFF!
Hayley: Um, this isn't a shirt, it's a dress
Other random person standing right اگلے to me: TAKE YOUR DRESS OFF!
Josh: Why dont آپ take YOUR dress off.

Team Josh/Hayley :] school of rock. گیا کیا پوسٹ پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
moolah شدہ تبصرہ…
That's cute...Hayley and Josh. ♥♥ پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک