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posted by videogamergirl
This is not from me. I found this on deviantART. This post was done سے طرف کی TheReapersApprentice

Reasons to Ship Ameripan:

1. In Nyotalia, though Japan is very good دوستوں with England, it is کہا that she actually is in love with America. (I'm not sure about regular Hetalia, though.)

2. After the bombing on Hiroshima, America helped Japan out, even though America was the one who bombed.

3. To this day, Japanese people often thank Americans for bombing them, because they knew that they wouldn't change if America hadn't done what they did.

4. Japanese tourists are often seen in Hawaii, especially at memorials in Pearl Harbor.

5. American tourists are often seen all over Japan, and especially Hiroshima.

6. Whenever Japan gets into trouble (exp: the حالیہ earthquake and tsunami), America is the FIRST to دکھائیں up.

7. After WWII, Japan got rid of their military. America now protects Japan and acts as their military.

8. Japan and America have sister cities: Kanab, UT and Kakamigahara.

9. In one of the Christmas episodes, America کہا that Christmas would be lonely without Japan...Japan gave in because of America's "guilt tripping face".

10. When America wanted to watch a horror movie, he wanted to watch it with Japan because he was too scared to watch it alone. But...why Japan?

11. While America and Japan were watching the scary movie, America hugged Japan...and Japan made no اقدام to stop him, even though America was being very loud and probably obnoxious. However, when Italy hugged Japan, it was flat out rejection.

12. Japan is always agreeing with America.

13. During the حالیہ Halloween episode in Beautiful World, America wanted to scare England, and went straight to Japan for help. Japan willingly helped, even though he doesn't celebrate Halloween...and even though America busted in through his window while Japan was bathing.

14. Again in the Halloween episode, America didn't complain about fixing Japan's window.

15. Japan puts up with America, even though America can be annoying at times.

16. In Japan's song, "Zippangu", Japan says that it's hard to put up with America's crazy "demands". Japan doesn't HAVE to. He isn't under America's rule. He simply CHOOSES to.

17. In the episode of Beautiful World when America and Japan were roommates, America willingly ate the blowfish that Japan wanted him to try, even though it was strange to him.

18. Soon after America and Japan became friends, America goes to Japan's house and brings a fortune-telling game, thinking that he can trick Japan. After Japan tells America how he feels lonely and asks if he will get مزید friends, America then feels bad and moves his hands once (meaning yes) to make Japan feel better, and gets excited for Japan.

19. America is probably the only person who can get Japan to actually express his emotions.

20. In the show, America celebrates Christmas with cakes. This is actually false. The Japanese celebrate Christmas with cakes because they think that Americans do.

21. This one is مزید personal: When I went to Japan, a local man asked my sister where she was from. Upon hearing that she was an American, he promptly said, "Ah! Japan *holds one hand out*, America *holds his other hand out*, besto دوستوں *puts hands together*." (Then promptly began to sing the tune to the American National anthem and, once he finished, saluted my sister. )

22. All of the Japan and America comparisons in Hetalia.

23. They have their own little shorts: "Japan and America"

24. After WWII, contrary to مقبول belief, neither Japan nor America harbors any hatred یا bitterness towards the war (in both the عملی حکمت AND real life).

25. Opposites attract! America's energetic and happy personality helps draw Japan out of his shell, while Japan's calm and collected personality helps calm down America's hyper and immature personality.

26. America visits Japan regularly and always invites him to events.

27. In the Halloween strip (not included in the anime), Japan invited America to watch the sakura blossoms bloom in the Spring. Quite romantic, don't آپ think?

28. Japan gave America a game console for his birthday. America کہا it was a great birthday present.

29. Hawaii has a lot of Japanese influence.

30. Japan and America became allies after WWII.

31. During the time Ronald Reagan and Yasuhiro Nakasone were in office, Japan was firmly on the United State's side whenever the Soviet Union threatened the States. Japan warmly welcomed the US forces because of this, and worked very closely with the US government.

35. The United States requested foreign assistance to countries "considered of strategic importance" to the West. Japan willingly accepted (and the request wasn't directly to Japan. Japan was simply the first to respond the the request).

36. The Japanese government refused to provide large-scale aid efforts to China یا Indochina until their conditions were compatible to both Japan's AND the United States' interests.

37. Japan often, and willingly cooperates with the US.

38. Throughout history (after WWII, of course), Japan and the United States worked closely to maintain a strong relationship, even when their relationship seemed a bit shakey.

39. Japan and America share a love for baseball (imported from the US).

40. The United States is Japans biggest economic partner.

41. The United States consistently supported Japan during Japan's various problems with China and Russia. Japan formally thanked the United States for this support.

42. Japan also noted that the US military is important to the peace and security of Japan.

43. There was a pole questioning Japan's opinion on the United States. The options were as follows: very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, یا very unfavorable. Japan's answer was "Favorable" throught all years.

44. There was a similar pole questioning Japan's opinion on Americans. They responded with the same answer: "Favorable, all years measured".

45. Again, another pole was taken, but this time for Japan's opinion on America's choice in media. The options this time were like یا dislike. Japan's choice was "Like, all years measured".

45. Another pole asked Japan what their thoughts were on American Democracy. Same answer as 45: "Like, all years measured."

46. Most, if not all, عملی حکمت English dubbing studios are located in America. Therefore...America supports Japan's anime! ;D
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