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posted by EverLastingLuv
I've seen a lot of this and it's starting to get on my nerves. There are a lot of شائقین on here who are telling other شائقین that there pairing doesn't make any sense and that they "don't have a history". Who the hell cares? It's an عملی حکمت for God sakes!
I understand completely where آپ history fangirls are comming from (yes i called آپ history fangirls) with the whole history thing. But that doesn't mean that آپ need to go off and call a UsUk پرستار یا a Franada پرستار idiots because their pairing "makes absolutely no sense". I don't support those couples either but I don't go around and calling...
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posted by russiaxchina
Japan licked Hawaii on the ear making her giggle and shove him away “Japan! Stop!” she کہا instantly Japan smiled and ran his fingers through her hair again “bad dog now I must teach آپ to know what to carr me now” Japan کہا grabbing onto Hawaii’s breast making her squeal. Japan began to tighten his grasp “please stop Kiku! I’m begging you! That hurts!!!” Japan then began to kiss Hawaii on the throat which made her moan he then rolled her over onto her stomach “werr I guess I have to teach آپ the hard way” Japan کہا as he grabbed Hawaii’s legs and lifted them up then...
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 That Was Then....
That Was Then....
I looked at them before me, France with a serious look in his ocean eye'd orbs, holding up one end of the cloth, America, having a bit of a disgruntled look. He was looking to the ground but then immeditatly looked up at me with determined eyes, peircing eyes the color of the heavens clouds holding on the other side, and Canada behind it holding it. Holding it with such a soft, kind smile and a bit flustered looking as well, probably because he put this together. The cloth they were holding up, was my flag. I didn't even know what they were up to, but it couldn't be good. I stepped closer and...
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 Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
I felt myself coming back from the blackness of my slumber. I yawn and say groggily

"A-America? France... Canada?" I wiped my eyes and saw the three men standing over me... a little too close.

"Will آپ all back up? Bloody hell it feels like I'm a bug under a microscope!"

"Ahh seems like we had anything to worry about~ Angleter is fine~!"

"Yes but France... England, he could've been ill, his stocks have been going down- it also didn't help that آپ and America kept fighting over where we'd take him..."

"Hey dude, he's fine! And at least we took him to your house آپ should be skipping and singing...
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So sad, cute, sweet, and touching. T.T
عملی حکمت
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posted by LunaShay
1. France x America
2. France x Austria
3. France x Belarus
4. France x Belgium
5. France x Canada
6.France x China
7. France x Cuba
8. France x Denmark
9. France x Egypt
10. France x England
11. France x Estonia
12. France x Finland
13. France x Germania
14. France x Germany
15. France x Greece
16. France x Hong Kong
17. France x Hungary
18. France x Iceland
19. France x North Italy
20. France x South Italy
21. France x Japan
22. France x Korea
23. France x Latvia
24. France x Liechtenstein
25. France x Lithuania
26. France x Netherlands
27. France x Norway
28. France x Poland
30. France x Prussia
31. France x Rome
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