I got bored, so Today I shall tell all آپ lovelies thee countries Ezones!!! (( آپ know, like the Italy curls.))

I think I'll start with the Axis.

Japan: Most of آپ think that for such a mature man, Japan doesn't have an Ezone. BUT HE SECRETLY DOES!! As it turns out, Japan has a secret Nantucket (like canada's) on the left side of his head.

Germany/Prussia: Even though they both don't have curls, nantuckets یا cowlicks, The german's Ezones are behind their ears.

Italy/S.Italy: Well, آپ know their curls.

Austria: His Curl, where else?



America: As it turns out, America's Cowlick Is his Ezone!!

England: Well, It's the things where his eyebrows are supposed to be. (England: THOSE ARE MY EYEBROWS!! D:< )

France: I actually don't know this one, but He's horney all the time so who would know? I think it might be the stubble on his chin.

China: Well, His Ezone is the curl hiding in his ponytail!

Russia: I bet آپ want to know this one, da? Well, I searched this one up, And I'm quite sure it's his bare neck.(without the scarf)

Canada: Well, It might be hard for آپ to find him, but It's his Nantucket in the left side of his head.

That's All I have for now, I hope آپ put this info to a good use!! *wriggles eyebrows*