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Theirs mix together very well.
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posted by Trainofdoom
Is what MOST عملی حکمت شائقین think as they click on the subbed version of their عملی حکمت of choice. Heck I do it ALL the time. It's just something about the English voices that just rub me the wrong way. Plus sometimes they just COMPLETELY screw up the voices in a way that makes آپ want to مککا, عجیب الخلقت the voice-actors in the face. Very few anime's have good English versions.
Hetalia is one of them.
I'm going to make this short and sweet, and as unbiased as possible considering I'm a HUGE Hetalia پرستار 83. But there are 3 things that make the Funimation English dub of Hetalia WIN.
1. The script is executed perfectly,...
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Oh my god. France. xD
beautiful world
posted by Cheshire_Pasta
This is just a somewhat angry/small rant. Something I'm just getting completely sick of.

So, not even about five منٹ (A bit longer as of writing/posting this) I logged into my Tumblr dashboard and literally the first thing I see is a post from one of my followers of a DISGUSTING fanart. Before آپ say "That's what آپ get for following a NSFW blog" Well, honestly, most of my followers don't usually post NSFW so I don't make such a HUGE deal if they post one picture since it's not plastered all over my dash all the time. Plus, I immediately retreat away from my dashboard if I see ANYTHING...
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