Hetalia Which Hetalia characters do آپ share your birth ماہ with?

Pick one:
Monaco, Prussia, Australia, and the Netherlands (January)
Japan, Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, and Egypt (February)
Italy, Romano, and Greece (March)
Belgium, England, and Seborga (April)
Norway and Cuba (May)
Ladonia, Sweden, Hungary, Iceland, Denmark, Thailand, and Seychelles (June)
Canada, Hong Kong, America, Liechtenstein, France, and Poland (July)
Switzerland, South Korea, India, Ukraine, and Belarus (August)
Ancient Rome, Sealand, Vietnam, and Bulgaria (September)
Germany, Cameroon, China, Holy Rome, Taiwan, Austria, and Turkey (October)
Kugelmugel, Wy, and Latvia (November)
Romania, Finland, New Zealand, Macau, and Russia (December)
 hetalianstella posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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