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It was 8 PM, with the palace's clock tower indicating so with its chimes. the گھنٹہ for the carriages to go from ہوم to home, picking up the eligible maidens of the kingdom.

It wasn't long before one carriage pulled up to the Wellington-Lloyd Pataki house, with the driver looking up at a lit window. A silhouette of someone in the window looked outside, and then turned away.

Helga, miserable and defeated, went to her stepmother's room and knocked on the door.

"Yes?" Brooke said, answering the door.

"The carriage is here." Helga کہا simply, and then turned to go.

"Why Helga, you're not ready." Brooke remarked, pretending to sound concerned.

"...I'm not going." Helga said, holding back the disappointment in her voice.

"Not going?" Brooke repeated, and then cast a secretive smirk to her daughters, who were half dressed as they were getting ready. "What a shame..." She faked, and the two girls hid giggles. "Well, there will always be other times, then..."

"Good night." Helga told her, and then left to go upstairs to her room.

Brooke, Lila and Rhonda all exchanged triumphant glances. They had won yet again. She wasn't going anywhere.


Upstairs in her room, Helga felt ready to cry. But she didn't. She knew better than to think her evil stepmother and stepsisters wouldn't make sure she had no way out, but they did it. The same way they always did, سے طرف کی giving her too many chores and obligations. She was trapped yet again. If the Gods of Cruelty were on their side, one of them would probably end up marrying the Prince, go live in the palace and live a life of wealth and luxury, while leaving her in the dust.

"I should've known." Helga sighed, going to her window and looking out at the grand palace. "Of course I'm not going to go! Criminy, what was I even thinking? I mean it's just a dumb ball! It would've been stupid, boring, dull, and just..." She sighed, slumping over the window sill. "Completely wonderful..."

All of a sudden, two candles lit up in the bedroom. Confused, Helga turned around just in time to see Nadine and Sheena pulled open her wardrobe stand's doors, which revealed her mother's dress. It was finished! Exactly as it was to look from the book.

"What?! Oh God...it's...it's my-!" Helga uttered, rendered speechless.

"Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!" The mice all cheered from around the room.

"Happy Birthday!" Eugene added in.

"No no no no!" Phoebe scolded him.

"Doi, آپ silly mice! I can't believe آپ did this!" Helga cried happily, grabbing her dress and twirling it around. "This is...wow! Oh wow...thank you, thank آپ all so much! Thank you...thank you!" It wasn't often she was this happy! Finally, her dreams were going to come true!


Downstairs, Brooke led her daughters down to the front door as they all elegantly descended the stairs. Brooke was wearing a simple but elegant purple گاؤن, gown with a wrap, while Rhonda and Lila wore matching dresses, which had the rounded puffy sleeves, paniers around the waist, and bumpy back ends. Only Rhonda's was red while Lila's was green.

"Now girls, when you're presented before his Royal Highness-" Brooke began just as she was to open the door, but was interrupted سے طرف کی a call from upsairs.

"Wait! Wait for me!"

Helga came down the stairs, dressed her newly finished gown, while the mice observed from the railings upstairs. She looked beautiful! For an added touch, she wore the red beaded necklace, which was also repaired, and even had a large گلابی bow in her hair. Her hair was down, flowing along her shoulders and down her back.

"Well, do آپ like it? Think it'll look great for the ball?" Helga asked them, a little too excited to care about what they would think. She was finally going to the ball!

Rhonda and Lila were shocked, unable to believe it. Not to mention, although they wouldn't admit it, Helga looked prettier than they did.

"Helga...! Why...no way, that's..." Rhonda stammered.

"That's ever so not fair! Mother, آپ can't possibly-" Lila protested.

"Girls, please!" Brooke told them. "Let's calm down, now. After all, we do have to hold up our end of the bargain." She approached Helga, who's smile immediately faded. "And I never go back on my word, either..."

Eugene was about to jump in at them, but Curly held him back.

"You certainly did a nice job on your dress..." Brooke said, and fingered the beaded necklace. "Especially these beads. They give it just the right touch. Don't آپ think so, Lila?"

"No, I ever so don't!" Lila کہا stubbornly, and then it dawned on her. "Why...Helga! I can't believe you! Those are my beads! How dare آپ steal them from me! Give them back!" She ran to her, ripping the beads off her.

"What?! What are آپ doing?!" Helga cried defensively.

"And that's my sash! How DARE you?!" Rhonda yelled, and ripped off some of the fabric of the skirt.

"And my ribbon! I'm ever so certain چرا لیا, چوری کی my ribbon!"

"You took my pattern, too! It's going to have to go!"

With each accusation, Lila and Rhonda ripped off a part of the dress, over and over again until there was barely anything left of it, just the simple dress itself, now ripped and tattered, with everything else strewn about the floor.

"Now girls, that's enough. It's time to go." Brooke کہا calmly, as if nothing had just happened. She opened her door, and Lila and Rhonda walked outside. She sneered at her stepdaughter before closing the door. "Goodnight."

And they won again.

Helga let out a broken sob, and just snapped. She couldn't take it anymore. She turned and ran into the kitchen, and then out the back door into the garden. There she ran out to a stone bench on the far side of the garden under a large willow tree. Helga knelt down in front of it, burying her head in her arms as she cried. It was over, all over. Completely hopeless. There was nothing she could do now. It was too late.

The mice all wandered outside after her, not saying a word as they watched their friend break down. There was nothing they could do یا say to help. Although their efforts had been wasted, it didn't matter now. Seeing her like this was absolutely heartbreaking.

Sparkles in the shape of what looked like snowflakes danced about, to which no one seemed to nice.

"It's no use...no use at all...what was I thinking...I'll never get out of here...it's no use at all..." Helga sobbed brokenheartedly. "It's over...it's hopeless...criminy...why can't I ever be happy? What have I done to deserve this...it's no use...so-called dreaming, that's never going to happen now...why do they have to be so evil...all I want is to find true love...to be happy..."

The sparkles all radiated toward Helga, and gathered together on the bench. She didn't notice, she was too busy crying and couldn't see what was happening. The sparkles then materialized into the form of a woman, now sitting on the bench with Helga sobbing in her lap, with the woman stroking her head comfortingly. She was a woman dressed in a light purple cloak, with short brown hair and warm, sweet brown eyes.

"Don't worry, Helga...it's not completely hopeless." The woman کہا kindly.

"What are آپ talking about, of course it is!" Helga sobbed, not even realizing what had happened.

"Not true. If it were hopeless, then I wouldn't be here." کہا the woman. "You do still have hope deep in your heart, Helga."

"Criminy, what's with آپ people and-huh?!" Helga raised her hand and gasped. "What...? But...you...you're..."

"Oh Helga, it's all going to be okay." The women gently took her arms and helped her to stand up as she did as well. "That's why I'm here."

"But that's impossible...I can't go to the ball." Helga کہا sadly. "I'm...I'm not prepared."

"Nonsense, Helga. You're going to the ball." The woman told her. "And I'll make it happen."

"What? Wait...so then, you're...who are you, anyway?"

"I'm Susan Bliss...your Fairy Godmother, honey." She کہا kindly, and then conjured up a long, white stick. "With the wave of my magic wand, all your troubles will be gone."

"You...I.....really?" Helga blinked, unable to believe this was happening. It was so impossible! "Wow, I must be going crazy."

"I assure you, dear, you're not crazy. It's truly happening." The Fairy Godmother told her sweetly. "Now then, first of all, آپ need...oh yes, آپ need transportation to get there...hmm..." She looked around the garden. "Ah! That should do."

Helga and the mice all looked to see that was she was pointing at a lone کدو, لوکی sitting there, under the glow of the moonlight.

"...A pumpkin?" Helga finally said, incredulous.

"Oh, not just any ordinary pumpkin, Helga. You'll see." Fairy Godmother Bliss told her. She then waved her wand toward the pumpkin, which shot out an array of sparkles from its tip. "Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put 'em together and what have آپ got

At the magical words to her song, the magical sparks cascading along the pumpkin, it then began to move! It walked on its vines toward them, scaring the poor mice, and over the course of the magic spell and song, it grew bigger and bigger, the vines surrounding it becoming rounder...

"Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
It'll do magic believe it یا not

Salagadoola means mechicka booleroo
But the thingmabob that does the job is

Salagadoola menchicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put 'em together and what have آپ got
bibbidi-bobbidi bibbidi-bobbidi bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!"

To everyone's surprise, the کدو, لوکی was then transformed into a large, beautiful white, pumpkin-shaped coach! It had a door with an opening window on either side, engraved with an H, گلابی padding all along the inside, a نشست up front, and a stand on the back. It was amazing!

"Oh my God...!" Helga exclaimed in surprise at seeing a display of actual magic, and transforming a simple کدو, لوکی into a gorgeous coach. "It's so...oh my...!"

"Isn't it lovely?" Fairy Godmother Bliss smiled. "Hmm...but there's still something missing...oh yes! You'll need a few horses."

Patty the horse let out a surprised snort and whinny.

"Ah, we can use آپ little guys." Fairy Godmother Bliss کہا sweetly to the mice, Phoebe, Eugene, Sid and Stinky. She pointed her wand at them, but didn't notice Eugene running off. "Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!"

The magic struck the three mice, and they instantly transformed into beautiful, pure white horses! All adorned with golden accessories.

"There we are...ah, well I could have sworn there was four of you..." The Fairy Godmother کہا thoughtfully. She then noticed Eugene cowering near one of the wheels. "Ah, there آپ are! Don't be afraid now, you'll be all right. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!"

Eugene ran aside to avoid the sparkled blast of magic, but then came to see Lucifer near him, holding a bowl to cover him with. He panicked, and the fat cat covered him with it just as the magic struck him. He then grew into a white horse like the other three, which was unbeknown to Lucifer.

Pulling up the bowl, he looked in confusion to see nothing there. Noticing the big horse he was now on looking at him, and giving a warning whinny, Lucifer cried out and ran away, and Eugene happily trotted to شامل میں his دوستوں at the front of the coach.

"Heh heh, poor Lucifer...not!" Helga laughed, totally amused سے طرف کی the situation.

"Now, we have them taken care of...let's see, what else do we need..." Fairy Godmother Bliss کہا thoughtfully. "Mmm...ah, I know...we need-"

"Well I do need a new-" Helga began, but she saw she wasn't paying attention.

"Ah, yes! You, dear Patty...for tonight, آپ will be the one to take the reigns." The Fairy Godmother said, and pointed her wand at Patty, which lifted her up and floated her toward the coach. "Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!"

Patty was then surprisingly transformed into the form of a human! She was a tall, rather muscular woman with medium brown hair and brown eyes, dressed in elegant riding clothing that was light blue. She looked at herself in surprise and then grinned, lifting her hat up in a polite gesture.

"Perfect, now we're almost done here...oh yes! This setup isn't complete without a good footman. You, Harold, will be the fine footman tonight! Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!"

The magic struck Harold, and as he bounced toward the coach, he transformed also into a human form. He was tall, a little on the fat side, but with some muscle as well, dressed in the same manner as Patty. He grinned and held the door of the coach open.

"Well, there we go, now you're ready for the ball." Fairy Godmother Bliss کہا to Helga.

"It's all wonderful! But, doi...I can't go like this!" Helga said.

"Don't be silly, dear. آپ have everything آپ need."

"But my dress-"

"Yes, it's lovely, it really-...." Fairy Godmother Bliss finally took a look at the dress and her eyes widened with surprise. "Oh...goodness! آپ can't go like that."

Helga shook her head in agreement, and the Fairy Godmother went over to her, studying her up and down.

"Mm...well this could be fixed...all right, let me see...let me check your size, ah, and the shade of your eyes...oh, just leave it to me, dear. What a beautiful گاؤن, gown this will be!" She waved her wand in a circular motion toward Helga. "Bibbidi-bobbidi-bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!"

Instantly, Helga's torn, ragged dress was then transformed into a gorgeous, flowing گلابی gown! It was slim and form-fitting from the waist up, but the سکرٹ, گھیرنا was huge and round to accentuate her figure, with a lot of layers beneath it. Her hair was down with a light wave to it, part of it hiding the left side of her face, and topped with a tiny گلابی bow on her head. She also had white full-length gloves, complimenting the colour contrast beautifully.

"Oh my...! Whoa! Wow! What a gorgeous dress!" Helga gushed, unable to believe it was really happening. "I-I-It's prettier than all the dresses my stepsisters have!" She poked one of her feet out from under her full length سکرٹ, گھیرنا and gasped. She had adorable, red glass slippers on her feet. "Oh wow, glass slippers! Oh wow...this is a dream come true!"

"It is, dear, but unfortunately, all dreams do end...this does come with a price." Fairy Godmother Bliss told her warily.

"Huh? What do آپ mean?" Helga asked, turning to look at her reflection in a nearby fountain. "I mean, yeah, sure, all dreams do end, but what do you-"

"Listen, this will not last forever." The Fairy Godmother told her. "You will only have until midnight."


"Yes. On the stroke of twelve, the spell will be broken. Everything will be as it was before." She said, and then realized. "Oh, but what am I saying? Go, Helga, آپ have to get going. The ball won't wait! Oh, get in, go and have a lovely time!"

She ushered Helga to the coach, where she stepped inside, and it rode away, with her waving a handkerchief at the Fairy Godmother, who waved back and then disappeared in a implode of sparkles.

The grand, pumpkin-shaped coach was driven through town, hurrying quickly to the grand palace.


Meanwhile, inside the grand royal palace, the ball was taking place as planned. Inside the ballroom, all of the eligible women accompanied سے طرف کی their families stood around, all dressed in their very best. A jazz band stood off to one side of the room, awaiting the time to start the dancing. The King and the Duke sat observing in a balcony high above the room.

At the front of the room on the little raised platform with a red carpet leading to it was the young prince, Arnold. He stood there, and would bow in greeting to each lady that was presented to him.

A man was reading off the names of the ladies off a scroll, to which the woman would approach the prince, curtsy, and then return to where she once stood.

"Mademoiselle Augustina DuBois, the daughter of General Pierre DuBois..."

A young woman approached the prince, curtsied to him in respect, and he bowed back to her, and then she walked away. Arnold hid a yawn at the back of his hand, pretending to be interested in the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. He was just not having any luck at all. All the women were pretty, and some very nice, but no one was appealing to him at all.

"That grandson of mine..." The King muttered to himself. "I'm sure one of them would make a suitable mother."

"Phil, don't آپ think that's a bit much to ask?" Martin کہا nervously, fiddling with his monacle.

"Okay, suitable wife. Ah...too bad he won't find another girl like my late Pookie..."


Before long, Helga had finally arrived at the palace. She was nervous and a little scared, since she had never been there before, and wasn't sure where to go. It was really just overwhelming for her, having been facing all that magic that brought her here, and now she was actually here.

"Wow...I'm inside the palace..." She کہا softly to herself.

There was a grand staircase before her, and with no other real option, she slowly ascended.


"The Mademoiselles Rhonda and Lila Wellington Lloyd, the daughters of Lady Wellington Lloyd..." Called the announcer.

Rhonda and Lila had been fidgeting around, stepping on each other's skirts and whispering insults toward one another until their names were called. This was it! They were finally to see the Prince!

Arnold bit back a sigh as he watched the two girls approach him and curtsy, grinning at him like he was a piece of meat.


"Oh, shortman..." The King sighed to himself. "He'll never learn...at this point, it's completely useless."

"It's a real shame, Phil, but these things take time." Martin shrugged. "After all, if it were like a fairy tale, it would go like this. Arnold is down there, rising up from a bow, but then he stops as he spots someone up ahead..."

As he کہا this, Arnold was straightening himself out, when he then spotted someone up ahead at the far end of the room, completely forgetting Rhonda and Lila staring up at him like he was their اگلے dinner. The woman was Helga, wandering around nervously as she tried to find her way about this place.

"Who is she, where did she come from, he doesn't know, nor does he care...but she's the girl of his dreams! So he walks toward her, completely raptured سے طرف کی her, forgetting that the rest of the world exists..." Martin went on.

As if in a trance, Arnold walked toward her, completely ignoring the stares and whispers of the other guests. He wasn't sure what came over him, and yet, it was as if he just knew who this girl was, that she was whom he had been looking for. Attraction? Maybe.

"Excuse me...hey, nice bow." Arnold کہا to Helga, gently taking her سے طرف کی the hand.

"Huh-?" Helga let out a surprised gasp and turned around to face him. She couldn't believe her eyes, it was the Prince! Oh my gosh, he's so cute! That hair, and oh, that oblong-shaped head! Wow! He's...he's so sweet! She was immediately lost in his kind, gentle, green eyes and his sweet smile. "O-Oh..."

"I like your bow, because it's گلابی like your dress. Um, I know this might sound crazy but..." Arnold blushed a little bit, rubbing the back of his neck. He never felt so nervous before, and yet, it was a different kind of nervous and weird, it felt nice. Undeniably, he was absolutely smitten سے طرف کی her. "Would آپ like to dance with me?"

Helga's cheeks turned bright pink, and she smiled widely. She wasn't used to someone treating her with kindness, and it felt so wonderful. She took his hand. "I'd...I'd love to."

Arnold smiled at her more, and then led her to the ballroom floor, not even noticing nor caring about the surprised stares of the rest of the populace.


"Ah, but really, that's just in fairy tales. This is the real world, no way that would ever-" Martin went on, when his arm was suddenly grabbed. "Wha?!"

"Marty آپ silly man, look at that!" The King exclaimed, pointing a bony finger down toward the ballroom floor. Clear as day, Arnold was leading a beautiful woman to the floor.

"Well I'll be darned..." Martin کہا in surprise, checking through his monocle. "Never thought I'd see the day."

"Quick quick, we have to get them to play the waltz!" The King said, waving toward the conductor.

The conductor hurriedly nodded, and started to play the soft waltz music. It was then that Arnold and Helga then began to dance together in the middle of the ballroom floor, with everyone watching in awe. Had the Prince found a potential woman? No one seemed to know for sure.

"That's my little shortman...he's finally found himself a girl...." The King کہا happily, and then stood from his chair. "Well I'm off to bed! Marty آپ can keep an eye on 'em and when he proposes, come tell me at once!"

"Y-Yeah, sure Phil..." Martin replied, and sat back in the chair.

The elderly King danced happily as he could, feeling 40 years younger, and he had even grabbed one of the stationed guards and danced around with him before letting him go and disappeared into his bedroom.


"Who is that girl? I'm ever so certain I've never seen her before!" Lila exclaimed as she, Rhonda and Brooke were watching the prince dance with his mystery girl, who seemed to be familiar to them for some reason. "Do we know her?"

"Well the prince certainly seems to!" Rhonda کہا crossly. "Mother, what's going on!?"

"I certainly..." Brooke got a good luck at the mystery girl as the two of them danced past the crowd. "Ah...well, there's definitely something familiar about her."

To be sure, she followed after the couple, who were dancing now off the ballroom and into the اگلے sectional. But before she could go closer, a red curtain drew, obstructing her view and path. Martin stood by, having decided to give the two of them privacy.


Meanwhile, Arnold and Helga danced together in pure bliss and happiness. Neither of them spoke a word, but their gazes never left each other. The whole time, it felt as if they were the only ones in the world.

Needless to say, Helga was in Heaven. While they were dancing, it was as if all of her troubles were melted away and nothing at all mattered. She was happy, beyond happy, and felt at peace, for the first time in such a long time. It was purely a dream come true. Her smile never wavered as her eyes locked with his gentle green orbs, and the way he smiled with that half-lidded gaze, it just turned her insides to mush. He was the first man she ever met who had shown her kindness, and taking an interest in her. For a moment she thought for sure it had to do with how gorgeous she looked, but looking at him, and hearing what he had to say, it seemed مزید than that. He was wonderful, absolutely wonderful. A perfect man, a dream boy. Her dream boat.

Strange as it sounded, she fell in love with him.

Arnold himself couldn't believe how happy he was feeling as he was dancing with this lovely girl. Sure, she was absolutely beautiful, and he noticed that right away, but there seemed to be مزید to her than just that. She seemed lonely and scared, the way she was wandering around nervously earlier. He had a notion she needed help, was looking for an escape, and his دل just went out to her. He wasn't sure why, but it did. She was so sweet, and the way her eyes looked into his lovingly. She had beautiful eyes, the bluest he'd ever seen. No doubt about it, she was his dream girl. Being with her just made everything seem right, like he didn't have a care in the world. Dancing with her was as if he was in a wonderful dream, a dream he didn't want to end.

It was odd, since he only just met her, but he was falling in love with her.

Before long, the two of them danced out onto the back garden of the palace, where they stopped and looked at each other with sweet, shy smiles.

"You're a great dancer..." Arnold told her.

Helga giggled. "So are you. I-I enjoyed it so much..." Normally she wouldn't open up so easily, but the Prince was just so kind and sweet to her, that she felt she could really be herself, and not feel ridiculed یا be judged.

"I'm glad." Arnold then took her hand. "Do آپ want to go for a walk in the garden with me?"

"S-Sure..." Helga beamed up at him, squeezing his hand gently. She couldn't believe it, it was a dream come true! She'd found a wonderful man who seemed to feel the same way toward her.

The two of them walked out into the palace garden, where grand trees stood in all their glory, sparkling water fountains, beautiful flowers and shrubs, it was beautiful. The two spoke a little as they walked, even though Helga never got around to telling him her name یا where she came from. It never came up. All that mattered was that she was enjoying herself with the loving, caring Prince she had effortlessly fallen in love with.

So this is love....it's a miracle... Helga thought to herself as she and Arnold now stood on a tiny little bridge that crossed a small stream leading to one of the fountains. At first they looked down into the water, and then she looked at him, to which made him turn to look down at her. In a moment of affection, he brought a hand to her cheek, gently caressing her.

"You have beautiful eyes." He told her, smiling.

Helga blushed a little more. "Thanks...yours are beautiful, too."

"It's no big deal, they're not that special." Arnold chuckled, blushing too.

"No, really...they are." Helga brought her hand over his, and smirked lightly. "...Football head."

Arnold was surprised at the silly nickname, and he laughed. "Well, that's an interesting nickname."

She giggled, feeling relieved that he didn't make her feel stupid for calling him that. She didn't know why, but it just somehow came to her, and she had an urge to be playful, and he accepted it.

They walked to the courtyard near the garden, with the clock tower in plain view.

"Arnold, I..." Helga began, and he touched a finger to her lips.

"Shh..." He smiled, and then gently lifted her chin up. He then leaned in and gently touched his lips to hers.

Helga's eyes widened with surprise, feeling as if she had just died. It made her feel like they were dancing again, only مزید so. She felt so much peace, love, and happiness when their lips met, which was overwhelming in the best way possible. Love! She had found love! She was so happy, and felt so warm and محفوظ in his arms, like she was the safest, luckiest girl in the world.

All of a sudden, the chimed time of the clock tower caught her attention, and she pulled away reluctantly, turning to look at the clock. To her horror, it was midnight.

"Oh no...it's...it's midnight!" Helga gasped.

"Yeah, it is..." Arnold nodded. "Why?"

"I...I have to go." Helga murmured, and turned to go.

"Go? Why?" Arnold gently grabbed her arm. "Please don't go, there's still a few hours yet."

"I-I can't stay...I...I...." Helga wanted to tell him the truth, but she couldn't.

"What's wrong? Why can't آپ stay?" The prince asked with concern. "Are آپ all right?"



"Goodbye...!" Helga cried, and ran off, holding her سکرٹ, گھیرنا up so she wouldn't trip.

"No, wait! Come back! I don't even know your name! How will I find you? Wait! Please, wait!" Arnold called after her, and went after her. "Wait, please!"


"Goodbye!" Helga کہا as she burst back into the ballroom from behind the curtain, waving to Martin where he sat.

Martin smiled and waved back to her, but he then realized what was happening and stood up to try to stop it, but Arnold came through, looking for Helga. But a bunch of fine ladies surrounded him before he could go any further.

Helga hurried down the stairs near the entrance of the palace, but one of her slippers came off her foot, slipping onto the stair. She went up to go back for it, but when she saw Martin coming down, she turned and fled away, now not caring that she only had one slipper.

"Wait, Miss! Wait!" Martin called after her, grabbing her slipper. "Wait! آپ forgot your shoe!"

Helga didn't listen, she hurried down the stairs to get to her کدو, لوکی coach, with Harold hurriedly beckoning to her. She climbed in and it hurried away.

"Stop the coach! Stop the coach! Close the gates!" Martin called to the gate guards.

But it was too late, the coach rode through just as the doors closed.

"Oh no...quick! Follow that coach, quick!"

Men on horseback charged through the gates as they re-opened, hurrying after the coach Helga was in. The clock tower continued to chime its twelve runs, as the coach was nearing home, Helga grew worried as everything started to diminish.

Before long, the coach became a کدو, لوکی again, Harold and Patty reverted back to being a dog and a horse, and Phoebe, Eugene, Sid and Stinky became mice again. Helga's dress then became the ragged, torn dress she'd had on before. They all now sat in the middle of the road, but before they had time to soak it all in, the men on horseback chasing her from the palace were coming, so they quickly ducked into the trees اگلے to the road to avoid being trampled. The men on horseback rushed past, crushing the کدو, لوکی into pieces.

Once they were gone, Helga breathed a sigh of relief. "Wow...I can't believe it's over. And yet...ohhh...Arnold was such a dream... When we were dancing, I felt like it was a magical dream world...he was so handsome, so sweet and kind... I never met anyone who showed me kindness before, and yet he did." She smiled dreamily, looking up at the moon in the sky. "I didn't think this would happen, especially so fast like this, but I'm so in love with him...I wish I could have stayed, but the spell, آپ know...oh crimeny...still, I'm so happy I managed to go. It was a real dream come true...it really was."

"Helga! Helga! Look!" Phoebe suddenly کہا as Helga stood up.

"What's up, Pheebs?" Helga looked down at her, confused.

"The slipper!" Phoebe pointed at the glittering glass slipper that still remained on her foot.

"You still the have slipper!" Eugene said.

"Oh my God..." Helga took it off her foot and hugged it to her chest, looking up at the heavens. She knew what this meant. The wonderful Fairy Godmother was letting her keep it as a memento, and sign for a new hope. "Thank you...thank آپ so much..."