1. He helped her when they were three years old under the rain.
2. He likes her bow .. گلابی bow.
3. He always helped her .. like when he did with Patty.
4. He already likes her .I mean he likes her really her. what she really is. when he met her in valentine as she is Cecile.
5. He likes her and knows that she’s good in deep deep down. in an episode when she thought that she will die because of the monkey bite her arm. and when she کہا to him that he’s okay. and his turn. کہا “you’re okay too ,Helga” and touched her hand.
6. When she helped him and he hugged her. [ Runaway Float episode]
7. When they walk together in thanksgiving and talk about thanksgiving and families .the really point and what I want to say that when he arrived Helga and when he saw her happy with her family. he smiled when he saw her happy.
8. When she helped him from the evil girl on the ساحل سمندر, بیچ ..at this moment he really likes her.
9. Also, when she who did the kiss of life to him at the ad. he surprised but we know that he liked that ~0
10. Of course, when she کہا to him that she loves him and kissed him in the movie
11.But also he smiled in the end of the movie to her. a new beginning ! یا what?
12. When he asked Rhonda that who ’s the girl that will marry her. and she کہا "Helga” time after time. he dreamed about that .. it was a nightmare but he turned it to a good dream so he woke up with a strange feelings.. آپ know what feelings !!

13. in episode [dinner for four] when they washing the dishes Arnold had splashed water in Helga and wink. maybe he knew that she’s Cecile یا he just like her ... anyway at the end he likes her .

that’s what I have just for now .. but who know ! maybe I’ll write another مضمون with the same title, and one مزید thing .. come on Arnold had been helped Helga for a billion time! مزید than anyone else!