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Via: Yeah. My mum wants to meet you.
Zayn: What about your fiancee.
Via: Well, my mother was very disappointed. he married another girl in US.
Zayn: That's good news.
Via: Where are you?
Zayn: I'm on my way.
Via: Okay. Bye, Zayn. Love you.
Zayn: I love آپ more:
Via; (hang up)
Zayn: (hangs up)
Harry: (driving)
Zayn: Let's go to Via's house.
Harry: Okay.

At Via's bedroom..

Jeline: Did آپ call him? Your boyfriend?
Via: Yeah and he's coming over.
Jeline: Good. سے طرف کی the way, آپ know Eleanor Calder?
Via: Yeah. She went one time at the ساحل سمندر, بیچ house. Why?
Jeline: Her mom's my best...
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I don't know where to go now. I keep on driving. Good thing, my mom taught me how to drive a few months ago. I drive slowly to find some سٹریٹ, گلی signs and to know where am I now. When I passed through a cafe called Starbucks, I saw a lovely girl. Wait, I know who she is. It's Eleanor. Louis' girlfriend. He came once at the ساحل سمندر, بیچ house. I parked the car and get out.

Via: Eleanor?
El: (faces Via) Via? Oh my god... (hugs her)
Via: (hugs back)
El:So how are آپ and Zayn?
Via: I don't know.
El: آپ mean آپ two broke up?
Via: Oh uhmmm no not exactly. I just wan to go back home.
El: (chuckles) Is that Louis's...
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Via: (walking downstairs)
Zayn: (sends a text message to his mom [A/N: his mom is not around] while going up the stairs)
Via: Hey, Zayn.
Zayn: (looks up) Hey. How's it?
Via: It's good. He told me he loves and because of that.. he'll let me go.
Zayn: Oh. I'll just go to my room okay?
Via: Okay. (goes downstairs)
Zayn: (goes to his room)

When Via reaches the first floor she hears the boys... fighting... She went to the poolside where she hears the loud voices of the boys: link.

Via: What's going on in here?
Niall: (wearing white t- شرٹ, قمیض and brown cargos) What's going on? oh shut up.
Via: Why are mad at...
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The four boys except for Zayn: (jumps on the sofas: link. )
Lucy: Boys, be careful not to break anything. Those things are expensive.
The boys: Yes. (turns the tv on)
Louis: (goes to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and takes big packs of nachos) Movie time! (to Zayn and Via) wanna شامل میں us?
Zayn and Via in unison: No thanks...
Louis: Okay. (sits between Liam and Niall)
Via: i'll just go upstairs.
Zayn: Okay.
Via: (about to go upstairs)
Zayn: Errr Via.
Via: (turns to him) Yes?
Zayn: آپ look beautiful.
Via: Thank you. (smiles and went upstairs)
Zayn: (watches her leave)
Liam: (approaches him) I think she's... naive.
Zayn: I'll...
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Via: Beautiful song. Beautiful voices.
Zayn: We're One direction.
Via: One Direction?
Zayn: Huh?
Via: Okay. Okay. I don't know anything about these kind of stuffs. My parents never let me encounter people. Like you.
Lucy: Can آپ tell us your life story?
Via: My complete name is Jessica Olivia Connelly. My dad's dead.
Zayn: We are sorry to hear that.
Via: It's okay. Well, I ran away from home.

All of them listen carefully.

Via: I have everything I wanted.
Harry: So your family's kind of.. rich?
Via: Yeah, آپ can say that.
Liam: If you're family's rich, آپ suppose to know us یا go to our concerts and...
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This is a fun موسیقی video about the boys in 'High school Musical'. Enjoy! music-Pirates that don't do anything سے طرف کی Relient K
lucas grabeel
ryan evans
This is a موسیقی vid. From Highschool Musical 2!!! So gr8t!!!