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posted by 10293847560
Highway 4 is a Rock N' Roll band made up of 4 individuals. Kelly Brown, Tylar Parker, Graham Huselton, and Mike Angert. My father is دوستوں with lead guitarist, Mike Angert's father. I wanted to see them perform so I did. They were AWESOME. Highway4 is an amazing group of talented individuals that know how to make music. They're bringing back rock n' roll one ٹمٹم, gig, لٹو at a time. They have an album called Rock N' Roll Lives, which آپ can check out on cdbaby.com. They also have دکھائیں dates and times at highway4band.com. Be careful not to mix them up with the older highway4 band, یا the Vietnamese road (I don't know why that one came up). Highway4 will sometimes do gigs at bars but they do not have profanity in the songs I've heard. I hope آپ become a fan, they will not disappoint you!
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