Kashima Reiko was a girl who was abused سے طرف کی a pair of boys and got ran over سے طرف کی a train in the Meishin express way. It's a Japanese urban legend. A lot of people have an opinion that if آپ read this story, you'll see her within a month.

It started out while she tried to proceed onto the train because she was going to travel onto another place when all of the sudden, a pair of boys came to her and started abusing her in a really bad way. When it was over, she was crawling onto a railway and a train ran over her since it was impossible for her to get up. She was cut slit open between the belly. So, if آپ see her, she'll ask آپ questions. For example, she'll ask آپ on where her legs are. If آپ answer it correctly, she'll ask آپ about whoever told آپ about this. She won't only ask these kind of questions, she'll also ask آپ trick questions. It'll be a random سوال so آپ have to pick a choice wisely.

So, that's all I could really explain to آپ about Kashima Reiko.