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posted by cudambercam13
"House?" Cuddy opened the door to House's office. He was sound asleep at his computer with a موسیقی playlist on the screen. At least it wasn't another porno video. Cuddy scrolled down the فہرست of artists in front of her.
-Alice Cooper
-Bon Jovi
-Duran Duran
-Linkin Park
-Salt and Pepper
-Stroke 9
-The Cure
-The Who
Cuddy found it a little strange that House would listen to Abba, Eminem, Salt and Pepper, یا Madonna. Plus, she didn't even know who Stroke 9 was. She was interested in seeing what songs یا compositions House himself had made, so she clicked on Me.
Everything was numbered except one song. It was titled "Rachel". Cuddy clicked on it. Why did House have a song named after her daughter? Cuddy pressed the play button. It was a piano solo House had recorded, and it was beautiful. But the موسیقی came out extremely loud, waking House up.
Without bothering to open his eyes, he figured Wilson was snooping through his computer while he had the chance.
"Wilson turn it off." Cuddy giggled, startling House awake. "My God Wilson, you've changed." Cuddy ignored his تبصرہ and went straight for the سوال she wanted to ask. "Is this for Rachel?" House sat silently for a moment. "No, it's for some hooker I called over. She was nice. She threw in a massage with a happy ending." He smiled, but it dissapeared when Cuddy made a کتے dog face that would usually be made سے طرف کی Cameron. "Yes."
Cuddy stopped the music. They were silent for a moment. "You know I'm with Lucas now." Cuddy whispered only loud enough for House to hear. He got very angry and started yelling. "Yeah, I know. But I made this before آپ were with Lucas. Anytime I try doing something nice to دکھائیں I've changed, آپ say Oh, but I'm with Lucas. I'm sick of hearing that, Cuddy, and آپ know it!"
Cuddy didn't expect House to get so upset. So she just continued as if House hadn't interupted her. "I don't think Lucas and I will ever be commited. If I stay with him, آپ will keep trying to break us up, and Wilson will keep talking to me about it but if I was with you, no one would try to seperate us."
Cuddy whispered her last few words, and House did understand. "Like I said; Everyone knows this is going somewhere."
posted by HugeEgoSorry
Foreman was standing beside the whiteboard in House’s office that same morning. Taub and Thirteen are both throwing possible diagnosis to him but not even one fits the patient’s condition. Chase came in with an LP result which came back negative.
Foreman: It’s not meningitis…
Chase: Obviously since LP was negative…
Foreman: Taub and Remy, get back to his apartment. Take anything if آپ think that would explain his symptoms. This could be Legionellosis.
Chase: آپ think this guy has the same condition آپ had four years ago?
Foreman: Damn it! Just do it!
The three of them had their eyes...
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posted by huddy_aimee
It was a common occourence for legendary Gregory House to annoy her at work and at her ہوم in the middle of the night but what he was doing now was her last straw.
She had been sitting in her car patiently for the last 5 منٹ waiting for House to stop blocking her depature, from the hospital, سے طرف کی riding his motorbike backwards and forwards behind her car. Her temper flared and she begain revving her car in rage.
People outside the hospital watched, some in shock at the Dean's way of dealing with this incident and others in amusement at the way her head of diagnostics managed to piss her...
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This fic is AU, but I'm still trying to keep within the parameters of the House universe.

Cuddy was in her office, thinking about the almost تقسیم, الگ کریں personality of Dr. Gregory House when she heard the horrific scream. The scream was followed سے طرف کی a loud commotion in the clinic. As Cuddy stood up from her ڈیسک slowly, she had learned that it was better to go slow than to pass out, she saw a blur run past her office. It had looked like some kind of feral man.

Cuddy walked out to the doors and opened them, seeing a small trail of blood leading out of the clinic. Just as she started out the doors, a...
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The surgery went off without a hitch and they both recovered wonderfully. One دن after the surgery Wilson went in to visit Cuddy and she asked him if he would wheel her down the hall to see House, he was out of the clean room, his immune system no longer needed to be suppressed. It wasn’t attacking the liver, he took her down the hall and left her there with House alone.

“Hey stranger” she کہا as she wheeled up to his bed

“Hey you”

They were about to start talking about “it” when Chase walked in “Hey what are آپ doing in here?”

“Just visiting a friend,...
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posted by Evrythingmaters
This is to my beloved House md fans:
I just want to say a massive HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all آپ guys. I hope آپ have a wonderful time whatever your situation, and I wish آپ the happiest and warmest feelings inside!
For us Hamerons this سال has been extra hard for us in terms of the journey of the show, and I know everone has their our own problems to deal with. But that is why I love this spot so much, everyone is so nice, intelligent, supportive and I am so happy to be included in our awesome community. I know there have been fights but we have managed to recover from them and that shows how...
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Ok my adorable hameron friends!This is your present!Just a page full of hameron dedicated to you!
So here it goes:
Rose and Evrythingmaters are the biggest: Hameron,Hameron,Hameron,Hameron,Hameron,
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posted by HuddyCrazy1331
Chapter 3- Administrative Questions
(Cuddy’s POV)
Disclaimer: Sorry for not mentioning before but I don’t own House M.D یا any of its characters… sadly

Everything was surprisingly quiet today. House hadn’t come in to drop by, which made me feel somewhat empty… what the hell am I saying?! Why would I want this دن to be ruined سے طرف کی his constant bickering?! ‘Because the day’s never ruined when House is around’ کہا a voice inside my head. I tried to ignore it and got back to working when I heard the door open. ‘House?’ I happily thought as much as I wanted to deny it, only to be...
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 12

•sorry I haven't wrote in a while but here's the اگلے chapter•

( the اگلے دن )
* Cuddy is 3 months pregnant and is really hoping nothing will go wrong *

Cuddy-House wake up
Cuddy-I think something's wrong...
House-Lise...of corse your fat..your pregnant...
Cuddy-what kind of dream were آپ having....
House-I don't dream...I sleep..
Cuddy-but آپ just....never mind...
House-okay...I'm going back to sleep...
Cuddy-Greg I think something is wrong with the baby...

*House jumps out of بستر and goes to Wilson's room*

House-Wilson....get up...
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 10

( House finally got the courage to go to Cuddys room )
Cuddy-so how did it go with Liz.
House-I'm not here to talk about that...
Cuddy-so it went bad. was ocward....she made me relize some things...
Cuddy-and what might that be...
Cuddy-yes. you...
( Cuddy just stares at him in amazment... )
Cuddy-did آپ drink to much.....
House-I'm serious...I really love you...
Cuddy-Greg....don't do this.
House-Lise....I have to....
Cuddy-no آپ don't.
House-yes....if I don't tell آپ I love آپ then......I could never tell آپ when the baby...
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posted by Irene3691
It's Christmas Eve and yet they have to work some hours in the hospital.     When they get ہوم after a hard دن of work, they make their Christmas رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا together and sit at the table. Some time later they finish eating. ‘Wow I'm full...’ Lisa says.
‘Yeah... آپ look like a turkey in Thanks Giving...’
‘Your compliments are getting worse with time...’
‘I mean... like the most beautiful turkey in a farm...’
She chuckles. ‘That doesn't make me feel better...’
‘Fuck... well... I tried...’
‘You wanna eat something else?’
‘Nope... don't wanna know how...
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posted by Irene3691
House and Cuddy get to Michigan in the afternoon, and after leaving their suitcases at home, they go to buy some food. They have رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا and sit together on the couch, where they talk and laugh until بستر time.
‘Well... I think we should go to sleep... I mean... each of us to our respective rooms...’
She smiles. ‘Yes, it’s late.’ They go to their dorm’s doors. ‘Tomorrow I’m leaving early, so I won’t see until Sunday night...’
He nods. ‘Have fun with your family then.’
‘Thanks.’ She smiles and goes to her dorm to sleep.

In the morning Lisa gets up early and takes a shower....
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posted by rosehustle1
 Ariel Harrison(this is my idea of what she would look like and as close to getting LG to being on the show)
Ariel Harrison(this is my idea of what she would look like and as close to getting LG to being on the show)
It was an کالے گھنے بادل, چھانا morning when House awoke the اگلے day. His pain was an eight on the pain scale, and his head was fighting to push it to a ten. Letting out a harsh exhalation, he propped himself up and began the daily drudgery.
"You have two hours of clinic today House, and I don't want to hear any argument about." Cuddy کہا as she handed him the green chart for exam room 3.
He looked appraisingly over her form. She was wearing a dark purple v-neck بلاؤز, کمری that fit snug against her breasts. Her سکرٹ, گھیرنا stopped above her knee revealing her shapely...
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posted by rosehustle1
Once the waitress had moved out of the way, House could once again take in the mystery woman that sat across the room. He wondered if she was a professor at the یونیورسٹی یا possibly a 'mature' student.
The woman looked up from her notebook and caught House staring. He barely bristled at being found out and instead unabashedly continued to stare.
"Hon, آپ want anything else?" The waitress asked House once more. He kept his gaze on the mystery woman while answering.
"Another cup of coffee, but send it over to the woman at the end."
The waitress looked back and forth between House and the...
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Two's Company - Three's a Crowd
-Chapter 3-

3 Weeks Later

Cuddy had allowed Kirstin to stay with her permanently now that House knew about her. She had recently taken a week off to renovate the spare room with her daughter. Kirstin had opted for an off white with a لیموں, چونے green feature wall. House had دیا her a bunch of band posters to stick up around her room; much to Cuddy’s disapproval.

On the subject of Kirstin’s rape, Rob’s brother had been sentenced for three years on the charges of rape and purchasing alcohol for minors. Rob had moved into an apartment near سے طرف کی when he heard about the...
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posted by livethislifeup
I HATE WRITER'S BLOCK. I hate it period. So, my sincerest apologies for the wait. Also, I didn't feel like writing out the whole عنوان thing again. BUT, it is still dedicated to Oldmovie, let it be said. So, here's the third extension. Fourth coming soon. (hopefully) Enjoy.

16 years ago

Hacy_Huddy Era - At Princeton-Plainsbro
Hacy - Last two years
The inseparable had become separable after House took the job at Princeton-Plainsbro. House's attention had been مزید on work now, than on Stacy.
Although his job hadn't changed, still occupied...
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