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posted by Irene3691
Night falls in Italy and they come to the Coliseum for the سیکنڈ time that day. Thankfully, the temperature has dropped and now آپ can be in the سٹریٹ, گلی without getting a sunstroke. The night is beautiful, but House can't help feeling weird. Cuddy looks at him. ‘Here we are. It’s beautiful at night.’
‘Yep... آپ can do great things with four stones and two bulbs well situated... Do we walk around it?’ Then a guy approaches to them.
‘I can’t believe it... Lisa? Is it you?’
‘Sorry?’ Cuddy turns and gets surprised when looks at him. ‘David? Yes! Wow, David! Hi!!’
‘Hi!!! It’s been a really long time!! آپ look really beautiful!!’
‘Thank you!! Oh... Sorry, this is Greg House. House, this is David Webb.’ She introduces them and David reaches out his hand, but House stays still. ‘Nice to see you.’
‘I wish I could say the same to آپ but... I’m sorry.’ House smiles sarcasticly and David keeps talking to Lisa.
‘Is he your boyfriend?’
She blushes. ‘Oh... who?? Greg?? No, no, we are workmates, friends...’ House shows a forced smile and David keeps on what he’s doing.
‘Whoops sorry... sorry... Well and what are آپ doing here in Rome? Wow! It has been many years without seeing you.’
‘Yeah...since we broke up... We are on holidays.’
House frowns and opens his eyes. ‘Broke up?? Wait, wait?? Why do آپ know each other?? آپ had a relationship??’
David looks at him. ‘Yeah... Many years ago!!’
‘Yes... we were together after college, some months...’ Cuddy looks at Greg and can’t help thinking that he seems pissed off. Is he jealous?
‘Mmm... I see...’
David asks. ‘You're also a doctor?’
‘Well... مزید یا less... I try to work as a doctor until Lisa takes my bollocks to play with them and makes me run out of my patience.’
She intervenes. ‘Excuse me? I'm your boss, آپ have to do what I want آپ to do...’
David tries to calm the situation... in his own way. ‘Whoops... But I'm sure she is a good leader, یا she was... in بستر at least.’
‘Well, I can see that آپ like exploiting people in every field of your life...’ says House a slightly angry. Cuddy blushes significantly.
‘I’m hungry... We should have dinner. آپ wanna come, David?’ She’s not quite sure of having done well inviting him.
‘Hmm let me make a phone call.’ David takes his phone and House and Cuddy don’t look at each other while he talks. ‘Okay, there’s no problem. Where do آپ want to go, Dr. House? I pay.’
‘Yeah!! We three can have fun. No, wait a moment... Peharps I should go and give آپ some intimacy... آپ may want to remember... آپ know... old times... House winks at David and Cuddy stops him.
‘No, we can have time to remember in New Jersey, when we meet again. I won't leave آپ alone, House.’
‘Oh please, I don't want to be a nuisance... I can go back to the hotel سے طرف کی myself. Why don't آپ have a funny wild night together?? I promise not to tell!!’ House smiles exaggeratedly.
Cuddy looks at David. ‘I’m sorry, do آپ apologize us for a second?’

Cuddy grabs House’s arm to go to talk to him. ‘Can آپ stop? I don’t like that guy anymore, he’s just an ex-boyfriend! That happened many years ago...’ She sighs. ‘Now we’ll have a quick and quiet رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا and we’ll go back to the hotel... I’m tired.’
‘Are آپ gonna force me?? What happens if I don't want to be a good boy?? یا if I don't want to have رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا with that individual?!’ He turns round and smiles at David.
‘Okay, if آپ want we can go to the hotel now.’
‘We?? Why?? آپ don't have to come with me. You're not my mother... I'm just your employee, am I right?? Go with him and have fun...’
Cuddy holds his arm before he starts walking. ‘If آپ had been just an employee I wouldn’t have had come here with you!’
House stares at the ground and looks at her suddenly. ‘What am I then??’
Cuddy didn’t expected that سوال at that moment and, shocked, she looks at David, who is looking at them waiting. ‘C-can we talk about this later?...’
House looks at David too. ‘Sure. We shouldn't make your friend wait...’ He goes where David is waiting and talk to him. ‘What about that offer? Shall we go?’
‘Of course. Where do we go? The nearest place is a McDonalds... But I prefer a better restaurant. Come with me.’

The three get to the restaurant and start eating in silence, until Cuddy talks. ‘Well, and David, where have آپ been these years?’
‘I was in Amsterdam for two years and later I went back to New Jersey, where I work as a chairman in a firm.’
House yawns. ‘Whoops, sorry!!’
Lisa looks at him and then at David. ‘Apology him. We haven't slept very well.’
‘It doesn't matter. I'm sure that his life is far مزید interesting than mine.’
House smiles. ‘Oh God... I'm so sorry, please go on with your extremelly, highly, super interesting story of your life!!’
Cuddy feels quite uncomfortable. ‘Well I think we should go... Sorry, he is always that way.’
‘No, actually he’s funny.’ David laughs.
‘He's funny for five minutes.’
House doesn’t like how he feels. He’s always a jerk, but tonight it’s different. There’s another reason that bothers him.
Cuddy and David keep talking.
‘I enjoyed the night!! I hope we can see مزید often.’
‘Yeah, sure. I'll give آپ my telephone number. Nice to see آپ again.’ Cuddy notes his number and David extends his hand to House, but he looks elsewhere. David smiles. ‘Goodbye Lisa.’
‘Bye David.’
Cuddy gives him two kisses and she and House go back to the hotel.

To be continued...

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“Cameron! I’m bored!” House’s voice bellowed like that of a four سال old child.

“House. I’m busy, as آپ can see.”

“But Caaaaaameronnnnn, I’m bored. دکھائیں me someone interesting.”

    Cameron glanced across the room as House took a نشست in a سٹول اگلے to her. She continued to لپیٹ, لفاف کریں a young man‘s arm with a bandage. “Uh patient on the left came in with a broken wrist and finger.”

“Not interesting.”

“The patient two beds down has a gram stain that shows she’s positive for Syphilis but it doesn’t دکھائیں in her blood work.”

“She. Has. Syphilis....
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