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posted by Irene3691
They arrive to the hotel without saying a word, go to their room and lock the door.
‘You’re not gonna say anything? آپ know, something like:’ Cuddy imitates House’s tone. ‘Yeah, nice guy, آپ choose your boyfriends very well...’
House looks at her serious and without saying anything goes to the bathroom and close the door. Cuddy gets angry. ‘Hey, do not ignore me!’
House wets his faces and sits on the floor while Cuddy is shouting and knocking at the door. ‘Can آپ tell me what the hell was that? Can't behave as an adult once in your life?’ House takes a vicodin pill and looks at the ceiling.
‘David hasn't done anything wrong to you. What the hell were آپ doing? If آپ were jealous stop pretending that آپ don't care about anything.’
House stands up and opens the door. ‘I don't care what آپ did with your personal life in the past, and that guy looked like a jerk!’ He goes out of the bathroom and starts looking for his pajamas.
‘Why? Because he was with me? آپ too, but he didn't drink so much and he could remember, آپ know?’
‘Okay, this is enough Lisa.’ He takes the room’s keys and goes out of the room. Cuddy stands still in silence. ‘Greg... Shit!’ She puts on her pajamas and lies on the bed, sad.

House walks near the hotel thinking. ‘Fuck..’
Cuddy can’t sleep, goes to the balcony and tries to convince herself. ‘He is an idiot! He is just an egocentric, selfish and unbearable guy.’
House keeps walking around there and talks to himself. ‘Jealous!! Me?? Jealous?? What a stupid claim!! Jealous of that monkey with expensive shoes, just because... he... shared a part of his life... with Lisa...’ He stops walking and starts feeling so strange.
Lisa keeps talking to herself, too. ‘Fuck Lisa! Stop thinking about him! He has no feelings for anybody, even less for you! He is just an idiot who has to assume that my پچھواڑے, گدا is mine and I do whatever I want with whoever I want...’
‘Shit!’ House hits his forehead with his hand and bites his fist. Whereas, Cuddy still cannot sleep. It’s been a while since House has gone. She takes her cell phone to dial House’s number. ‘What do I do?...’ She presses the call key but hangs up before it sounds. House feels stupid and goes back to the room, then he opens the door and comes in. She opens her eyes and turns to look at the door. She doesn’t say anything, but he does.
‘Umm... I... I just wanted to apologize. I've behaved like a child... even مزید than normal I mean...’
Cuddy nods and goes inside the room. ‘Actually I’m used to it... this is nothing that hasn’t happened hundred times before...’
‘Yeah, I guess...’ He looks around.
‘I'm sorry too.. for shouting...I lost my temper...’
‘I’m used to it too... don’t worry.’
They stay in front of each other in silence looking around. Cuddy looks at him. ‘C-can... can I ask آپ a question? It’s silly but I need to know...’
‘If I had a dollar every time someone has کہا that to me...’
‘Were you... jealous of.. David?’
House tries to answer as fast as he can. ‘Jealous?? Of course I wasn't!!!’
Cuddy smiles a little disappointed. ‘Ah... okay... I thought...Well آپ seemed. Silly me. You! Jealous! Of someone else!’ She laughs slightly.
House, ashamed, looks at the floor and starts blushing. ‘Well... I wasn't..’
She looks at him frowning. ‘Are you... blushing?
‘Me?? At all!’ He rubs his face wih his hands and she approaches to him and holds his hands to look at his face. Cuddy bites her lower lip and frowns. House look at her doing that and shakes his head before looking up to her eyes.

They get separated, put on their pajamas and get into bed. Time passes and they can only hear their breaths. Both are awake but in silence. Cuddy can’t sleep thinking about all that happened today, and specially thinking about the strange behavior of House. She wants to know the truth. ‘I’m going to ask David to go out with me...’
House turns to look at her. ‘What??!!’
She doesn’t look at him, just sighs and repeats what she’s said. ‘I'm going to ask David to go out with me.’
‘But... why?? آپ haven't seen him for years!! آپ don't even know if he's seeing someone... and آپ don't love him!!!’
‘It was nice to see him and آپ have no idea about me and who and what I like یا dislike.’
‘Yes, well, yes, maybe, but I'm not stupid and I know آپ don't like him. Come on, آپ can't like him!!’
She turns on her side. ‘Yes, right, I don't like him. I just wanna check one thing, thank آپ for your help...’
‘What?? Are آپ doing some kind of experiment??’
‘No, I just wanted to see your reaction.’
‘Are آپ using me?? Like a چوہا in a lab??’
She looks at him. ‘I wanted to see the real Greg...’
‘Ha!! The real Greg.... and you’re gonna use secret cameras and hidden microphones in my bathroom too?? Very fun Lisa!!’ He turns and shows his back.
‘Are آپ angry?’
‘I'm ... I'm.... anxious to know the answer to my question: what am I for آپ then, if I'm not just an employee??’
‘You... آپ are... an special friend with an... special character... and...and...’ She turns and shows her back. ‘Goodnight.’
House sounds a bit angry. ‘And what?? Come on Lisa, do not hide!!! Face your problem!! What else??!!’
‘And I don't know who is worse, if آپ یا me! After twenty years why can't آپ admit that آپ feel something for me? Something مزید than sexual attraction...’
Greg looks to the mattress in silence.
‘Come on! Face this. آپ know, I know, everybody knows it...’
He looks at her. ‘Then why are آپ fucking asking???!!!’
‘Because I want to hear it from you.’
House جوابات angrily. ‘Well, if آپ take the trouble of doing all this is because آپ feel something for me, am I wrong??’
Cuddy is very angry now and words came out of her mouth. ‘YES I feel something! That's what آپ wanted to hear? There آپ have it.’
House remains shocked and Cuddy keeps shounting angry. ‘Yes, House, آپ are not just an employee, you're the fucking employee who I cannot control, and who always get whatever he wants and who eventually is going to drive me mad.’

A few سیکنڈ later, House is مزید calmed. ‘Fire me then, it will be better for your health...’
‘I can’t.’
‘You don't want... which is quite different...’
‘You want to resign? You're free to do it. There is nothing important for آپ in that damn hospital. Why don't آپ quit if it’s what آپ want?’
‘I don't have any reason for leaving the hospital and I'm not going to resing to a job that I enjoy!! And I have مزید reasons than آپ think...’
‘Oh yes? Really? I don’t think so.’ They turn and دکھائیں their back to each other. ‘You are a coward.’
House replies. ‘Look who's talking...’
‘What else do آپ want me to say?’
‘Nothing... you've کہا a lot of things today...’
‘Yes, آپ should think about all of them and meditate a bit.’
He turns to look at her. ‘Why do آپ think I'm not doing it??’
‘Because آپ are House, آپ don't care about everything else that has nothing to do with you.’
‘You think آپ know me but آپ don't...’
‘I know آپ as far as آپ let people to know you; as far as آپ let me to know you. And آپ will never change.’
House starts shouting angrily. ‘Years پہلے I was different and I got hurt!! I'm not gonna get hurt again!! I DON'T WANT TO GET HURT AGAIN!!!’
‘You know, everybody gets hurt, you’re not special, and that's not a reason to send everything to hell. آپ are not the only one who have got hurt. I get hurt, people get hurt, and they don't give up.’
‘It's easier کہا than done!!’
Cuddy looks at the ceiling and sighs. ‘It's easier not to do something and avoid trying. If آپ don't try, آپ don't get what آپ want.’
‘If آپ don't try, آپ don't fail... When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose.’
‘If آپ have nothing to lose why آپ don't try?’
House remains thinking. ‘You might win something and then lose it, and everything would be even worse.’
‘No, it would be the same. And at least آپ have tried and you've learned something new. آپ are very pessimistic. Not always goes wrong.’
‘It has never gone right for me.’
‘It's آپ choice. For everything. آپ can be a coward all your life, it’s your decision.’
‘Coward... I would like to see how آپ would react in my position.’
She chuckles. ‘What is exactly your position?’
‘A man who got hurt سے طرف کی someone he loved and who has lost all his faith in human beings.’
‘Everybody has been hurt سے طرف کی someone who loved. Losing your faith in humans only hurt people who love you.’
‘And who loves me? That's not a problem for me...’
She sighs. ‘Wilson... loves you, in his own way... I-I love you...’
House frowns and she gets nervous because of what she just said. Cuddy keeps talking. ‘You think آپ know everything but آپ know nothing. آپ think you're the only miserable in the world, but if آپ are is only because آپ want.’
‘I don't want to be miserable... life has made me a miserable person...’
‘And آپ do nothing to change it.’ Cuddy sighs for the twenty third time tonight. ‘House, am I just a boss for you?’
He remains thinking but doesn’t answer. Cuddy sighs, again.
‘You know? I think I'll call David tomorrow...’
‘For what?’
‘Because I want...I don't need to give آپ an explication... I'm tired of waiting.’
‘Of waiting... for what?’
She looks at him. ‘A worth guy.’
Greg looks at the mattress disappointed. ‘Well... good luck with your research of your perfect guy...’ He turns sad and lies again.
‘I'm not looking for a perfect guy. I'm looking for a guy with whom I have confidence, to whom I can yell, laugh with... be myself...’
‘A guy like... David?’
‘No. Like... you.’

To be continued...

Irene3691 ~ SandraCH91 ~ diego27rg
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“Cameron! I’m bored!” House’s voice bellowed like that of a four سال old child.

“House. I’m busy, as آپ can see.”

“But Caaaaaameronnnnn, I’m bored. دکھائیں me someone interesting.”

    Cameron glanced across the room as House took a نشست in a سٹول اگلے to her. She continued to لپیٹ, لفاف کریں a young man‘s arm with a bandage. “Uh patient on the left came in with a broken wrist and finger.”

“Not interesting.”

“The patient two beds down has a gram stain that shows she’s positive for Syphilis but it doesn’t دکھائیں in her blood work.”

“She. Has. Syphilis....
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