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This House M.D. تصویر might contain کاروبار سوٹ, بزنس سوٹ, اچھے کپڑے پہنے شخص, سوٹ, پتلون سوٹ, pantsuit, اچھی طرح کپڑے پہنے ہوئے شخص, and پنٹساٹ.

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Both sides now, perspective of the inner workings of House's head.

so here is my take on his subcoucious and what happened.

Ive seen some تبصرے that stated, yes, he کہا "I need you." and "i always wanna kiss you."...etc...and imagined the sex and the detoxing and amber and everything from that moment in her office in under my skin.

but, the point of Both Sides Now was to get us to collilate the differences between the left and right brain, and how thinking one thing, and doing another are totally different things.

so although House did and کہا those things, and hallicinated all that, he was...
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Hi guys!
Lately I saw a lot of شائقین how aren't into the دکھائیں so much as they used to be.
There is a lot of negative opinions about how Huddy started, about how it's handled (not against the whole relationship in general, only the way it's leaded سے طرف کی the TPTB), how much House changed (in "Pox in our House" he didn't wanted to look at the dead body, even if he was already infected).
People see that Cuddy has changed into hysteric teenager, even if the crew say they didn't.
One time, after an episode, one of the writers had to write blog with an explanation of the episode. I find that ridiculous....
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LMAO, vid سے طرف کی viddersweetredux
season 5
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