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 Jennifer Morrison
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"House M.D.: Informed Consent (#3.3)" (2006)
Dr. Allison Cameron: [surprised] آپ have your cane....
Dr. Gregory House: What is it with آپ people? I don't use the cane, you're shocked. I use the cane...

Ezra Powell: I don't regret what I did. Informed consent - patient rights - holds back research.
[Cameron, viciously and quickly, slices a piece of skin off Powell's arm. Powell cries out in pain]
Ezra Powell: What the hell are آپ doing?
Dr. Allison Cameron: Informed consent is holding back our diagnosis.

Dr. Gregory House: [House sees the Ducklings looking like crap after an all-nighter] What have...
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1.You learn medical words and آپ seem smart.
2.You learn from House how to do funny faces.
3.The characters have a really good sense of humour.
4.In the دکھائیں plays Jennifer Morrison(this is a major reason)
5.In the دکھائیں plays Hugh Laurie.
6.You fall in love with Chase.
7.You learn new illneses.
8.You spend your time seeing something good.
9.It's not like Grey's Anatomy.
10.(MOST MAJOR REASON)I would be stupid if after all these آپ wouldn't see it so I see it.

These are the reasons I see House M.D. and I think are the most major.
To House M.D. fans,
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“If آپ want to change your life, do something, don’t believe your rationalizations, lock yourself up, and pretend you’re happy.”

A very profound statement laced with irony. I had started writing this مضمون as a review on this week’s House episode, “The Itch” but upon writing it I stumbled upon something I much preferred to write about. Now I realize this whole thought pattern I have here might be me reading far too much into a TV show, یا maybe my very in-depth study of Dubliners (James Joyce) in English class right now, that deals with the theme of paralysis, might be to blame...
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