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Photoshoot Festival du Telefilm de Milan
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As some of آپ may know, I’ve been going on about the ‘perfect song’ for a fic but never got round to writing one due to the damn writer’s block! But I have now managed to finish it. Finally. So enjoy, and let me know what آپ think! =]
One shot. Song lyrics in italics. Set in S5.

Sitting in his office, a lonely soul, wondering what went wrong. She was there for him, the only one sitting beside his bed. The reason why Wilson wasn’t there, he could understand, although he still expected him to forgive him sooner, being Wilson and all. But that didn’t quite work out the way he...
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Disclaimer: House MD belongs to both لومڑی and David Shore, I own nothing.

Author’s Note: this is probably a Oneshot. I just had this idea of writing a fic about the tenth anniversary of House’s crippled leg: all the things he would remember, all the invisible tears he would shed and how those tears became visible through the eyes of a certain James Wilson. This is a House x Wilson Strong Friendship fic. It’s pretty angsty because I thrive on that. House کہا that his infarction was seven years پہلے in the first season… if every season counts for one سال (which I think they do) the tenth...
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This is what a Simpsons House intro would look like. Please give feedback and rate! Sorry I forgot Jennifer Morrison :)
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