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Are there any good “Huddy” scenes in the ‘House‘ season finale (airing May 17)? please tell me that House and Cuddy have at least one scene together. – LoveCuddy via Twitter
Yes, they have at least one scene together. Oh, and سے طرف کی the way, they have several scenes together. Several meaty scenes.

I’m really scared to watch the ‘House‘ finale. How much will the Huddy شائقین be hurt? – ally316 via Twitter
Beware the intense, two-minute long conversation that comes midway through the episode! Ouch. But mind you, the screener I was sent did not include the very final scene,...
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     It, had happened. They had slept together. Though, she doesn’t regret it, surprisingly. It was all a big blur, really. One small kiss, led to a intense make out, then the make out led to clothes flying off, slamming each other into walls, and finally into his bedroom. And, here she is, at this very moment, quietly putting on her underwear and clothes back on, while he slept soundly. His eyes closed tightly shut, mouth ajar, his breathing loud, but steady. She doesn’t know if she should feel guilty for leaving him یا not, it’s not like he wanted her to stay. Plus,...
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Hi to everybody! I know,lately I haven't been online that much (or at least as much as I wanted to), but I had some family troubles...Now I'm here, trying to wish آپ all a Merry Christmas with a... oneshot!(lol, yeah! I know! What a stupid thing from EH!)
I decided to post it now because I'm not 100% sure on whatever I'll be online those days (ya know, X-mas stuff and all).It's a bit Foreteen and well, Huddy :P
So here it is! And I wish آپ a very Merry Christmas!!<3
oh Do آپ remember that english is not my native language and bla bla bla??
Now you'll have the proofthat I suck at writing articles...
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Well in english class yesterday, we had to finish the sentance our teacher wrote on the board with a 1/2 a page paragraph...or whatever آپ want to call it. Of course... I didn't make it about me, it's all House here, so this is what I got a 5/5 on.


I hate it when people lie. It shows that they are nothing but cowards, and that they are afraid of the truth. But lest not forget, reality is based off of lies. We live on what we speak. So if we were to..."improve" what we say, we live better. But lies only make things worse. They hide the truth, and therefore hiding whats wrong with them. The...
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Disclaimer:Made for fun,not profit.I don't own anything of the characters and/or the show.

Wilson is cute
and Cameron too!

They lost their loves
but they will come throught!

House was mean
and make them cry!

But they will love eatch other
and make him see the light!

Wilson will kiss
Cam on the lips!

And they will be
sweet as a strabery!

Cause they both want
the same fluffy things!

And I love them the most
for being funny geeks!

The will be together
and live hapilly!

Despite the bitterness
of someone named Chase!

And House then can go for Cuddy
since Cam is out with her cherry,fluffy guy!

And they both live well
in a tower made of pie!
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Excellent song mix with Wilson and House
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