Sibyl, a newly marked fledgling, bit her lip. She slowly opened her mother's bedroom door, but it creaked.
"Sibyl! What's wrong?"her mother asked from her bed. Sibyl stepped in and, as soon as she saw her, her mother jumped from her بستر to examine the new Mark on her forehead. "Sibyl! OhmyGAHD why?!"she demanded in an obnoxious voice. She hugged Sibyl close to her chest.
"Mom... Can't... BREATHE!!!"she wheezed. Her mother released her.
Sibyl's mom was tall and skinny. Her black hair was poofy with little curls on the sides. She had almond-shaped hazel eyes, and so did Sibyl herself.
Sibyl was tall for a 16-year-old, and had an average weight. She had auburn hair that was down to her chin, and it kinda glowed in the direct sunshine. And recently, she had a blue outline of a crescent moon on her pale forehead.
The front door slammed, and the air was filled with an alcohol-smell.
Corey Seinhouse was a friend of Sibyl's brother Andrew. Apparently he was drunk. Sibyl didn't like it. Not one bit.
"Mom..."she whimpered. Sibyl's mom left the room.
"WHAT DO آپ THINK YOU'RE DOING HERE?!DRUNK!!! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!"Sibyl heard her mother yell. Then she heard a slapping noise. She heard Corey whining. The door slammed again, and Sibyl heard her brother about to curse out their mom.
Sibyl slowly left her mom's bedroom. Andrew and their mom stood right outside the door. As soon as Sibyl left the room, Andrew's mouth dropped.
"Sibyl...what the hell is up with your forehead?"Andrew asked.
To be continued...