How to Get Away with Murder What was your پسندیدہ scene/part in 'There Are Worse Things Than Murder'? (3x02)

Pick one:
Annalise calls the man she sent after Frank&he aswers,crying about killing him
Each student pitches a strategy to Irene, the client, and she picks Connor
Wes confronts Annalise on why she offered to let him اقدام in&she says shes lonely
Bonnie tries to get تیز پات, تیز پات, laurel drunk in order to spill something about Frank
Connor tells off the parole board for bullying Irene and Annalise reassures him
Wes and تیز پات, تیز پات, laurel disagree about her poking into the Mahoney case
Annalise overhears Connor confessing to Irene about being a murderer
Michaela and Asher fight over the state of their relationship
Annalise confronts Rodney's sister about his abuses and Irene is set free
The College Board tries to آگ کے, آگ Annalise but she refuses
Connor tries to reconcile but Oliver refuses to get back together
Oliver isn't dead, and Annalise tells him to wipe her phone as she's arrested
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