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Hutch and his buddies were playing poker, then a mission alert alarm went off.

Michael: Oh God, oh God! It's an alarm, what do we do?

Zoltan: Maybe, we should go to the barracks.

Hutch looked out the window and saw other fellow Marines rush to their cars and drive out.

Hutch: Yeah, we have to go NOW! Bruce get the car started!
All of us let's get in our uniforms.

They got to the barracks just in time, they had to رپورٹ to the Master Gunnery Sergeant. The alarm stopped.

Master Gunnery Sgt.: I'm glad all of آپ can make it in time, my name is Sergeant ڈریک Reinsfort.

Hutch: Sir, reporting for duty....
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Note:Wolves are anthropomorphic. There are مزید ranks in society: Alpha, Omega, Airman, Soldier, Seaman, and Marine.(Basically armed forces servants) Now we will begin the story.

Today was the day, the دن Hutch waited for. Hutch Lyca and his دوستوں Cando Brooks, Kate Hudson, her boyfriend Humphrey Andrews and Garth Hawthorne were graduating Great River High school. Lilly Hudson sister of Kate had 2 مزید years of school since she was younger. But Hutch and Cando were also graduating ROTC (Reserved Officer Training Corps) to prepare to شامل میں the United States Marine Corps, they had all the papers....
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 Marines inside C-130.
Marines inside C-130.
The Marines were still traveling on the C-130.

Hutch: I didn't get to catch any of your names.

Marine1: My apology I'm Bruce Kalal, the guy who's پچھواڑے, گدا آپ beat in pugil training.

Hutch: Yeah, sorry about that.

Bruce: It's fine.

Hutch: آپ four what are your names.

Marine3: Percy Shepard.

Marine2: Zoltan Blackburn.

Marine4: Jason Ryan.

Marine5: Michael Trevor.

Hutch: So I guess we were all stationed to Pendleton. What do آپ guys think its gonna be like in California.

Jason: I heard there's a lot of hot chicks, chicks 'n booze 'n stuff.

Hutch: Oh I'm definitely going for that.

Bruce: I'm not sure about...
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